About the Author

At some point during drafting initial entries for the blog, I decided to adopt a pen name.  Don’t ask me why but the name Jordan Abel seemed to just roll off the pen.

TurtleneckThe primary reason for the pen name was freedom to address issues.  With a pen name, I thought I would be less concerned about being politically correct.  While being politically correct has never been a concern, I wanted the content of some entries to address what might be considered sensitive societal issues.  The pen name, I hoped, would reduce the tendency of some readers to attack the writer (messenger) and not the content.

Also, notice most of the illustrations are clip art, not photographs.  Using clip art, I thought, would help focus the readers thoughts on content and not the photograph.

Finally, I selected to use dialogue.  Why?  Like the pen name, the different characters in the dialogue could raise questions and make comments that might be considered politically insensitive.  However, the characters would also provide balance to the conversation, taking different points of view.  The characters could also appear periodically.

From my perspective the pen name and the dialogue with different characters have worked.  By mid-2015, the blog included 130+ entries addressing a number of sensitive, often controversial topics.  By early 2017, the number of entries exceeded 235 and the beginning of what will likely be a number of head-scratching entries about how the Trump Administration will govern.  At the end of 2018, 300+ entries and scratching the head with both hands.

If you have an opinion or would like to see a topic addressed, please send a note.  There should be a link on every page.  And, if you have nothing else to do and are really curious to learn more about me, https://www.linkedin.com/in/johndabels.

Thanks for your interest.


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