Tech Tsunami

Given the potential widespread impact of the implementation of technology on US economic structure and household income, I thought a separate “Tech Tsunami”  reference page was appropriate.  The links on this page are either to blog entries or to articles.

eBook of Entries, Tech Tsunami Booklet with Supplement  — Compilation of 15 blog entries about the potential impact of the technology tsunami and suggested actions to help mitigate the negative effect on the US economy and family earnings.  Wide-ranging content with some areas you might not have considered when thinking about the impact of emerging technologies.

Robots per Capita.  In the US highest, highest robots per capita are in the auto industry — northern Ohio and southeast Michigan.  The NYT Op-Ed piece explains more about adoption of robots in the “technology tsunami canary.”  The other link is to a study by MIT about robots in the workplace.

General Motors.  GM’s decision to close assembly and component plants in North America.  Personal persective on why this is an important indicator for future employment of assembly workers and office workers.

Robot Playing Piano.  OK, a piano-playing robot does not sound like a big deal…but it is.  Are you dexterous enough to play a song on the piano?  Most of us are but have not been trained.  The issue is how many jobs will be replaced as robots gain more memory and become more dexterous?  18 12 29 NYT Robotic Arm Playing Piano