Booklets/Grouped Entries

Climate Change.  Want to learn more about the causes, consequences and practical solutions to climate change?  The booklet includes some top-line information, then a series of Q&A written to be understood by most everyone.  The booklet is a start.  More information available if you’re interested.  If you’re a non-believer in climate change, then look at the last Q&A in the booklet.    21-05-03-q_a-booklet-overview-climate-change 

Transitioning Your Fleet to Electric.  Download a guidebook that should help make the transition smoother.  The booklet provides guidance on some of the real-world problems you’ll face in transition.  The book includes a “how-to” checklist that should help as well.  21 02 22 How to Manage Transition to Electric Fleet Mgrs Guidebook 

Working with Lee Iacocca.  I had the good fortune to work closely with Lee Iacocca after he retired from Chrysler.  He had purchased rights to an electric bicycle company and wanted to expand it to include lower-speed electric vehicles.  The nature of an early-stage company is lots of face time with other executives.  After his death in July 2019, I posted several Facebook entries about my experience working with Lee.  The entries are consolidated in an easy-to-read booklet, 2019Q3 Iacocca Personal Observations

GM Electric Car Development and Introduction.  My last assignment at GM was extremely challenging as well as great fun — helping guide development and introduction of the GM EV1, the first modern electric vehicle.  The EV1 set the standard for the emerging genre of electric vehicles.  While much has been written about the EV1, I thought it might be interesting to go behind the scenes and tell a story you’ve likely not heard.  Hope you enjoy. 2020Q1 GM EV-1 Story Behind the Story Booklet

Who Took Out the Donald?  A series of entries addressing why and how Donald Trump, as president, might be subject to more risk of being “removed” than most any president since probably Lincoln.  The entries were published in 2017, long before the Mueller Report and the impeachment process.  A chapter has been added to address events since the original entries. Booklet, Who Took Out the Donald Entries with Update


How the Revolution Begins.  Compilation of the original entries describing how the Revenge Revolution begins.  The entries are written as a dialogue of several characters.  You’ll likely have at least a couple of the characters in your circle of family, friends and colleagues.  While written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the content is serious.  The entries were made in late 2013, but seem even more relevant today.  Reading the introduction will help explain why I think this would be the 5th US revolution. Booklet, Start of Revolution

Technology Tsunami: the US is faced with a technology tsunami.  The tsunami covers a lot more than robots, and likely includes more areas than you night have considered.  There is a separate page devoted to the Tech Tsunami.  While I encourage you to review the page, most of the information is covered in a booklet compiling the 15 blog entries.  Check back periodically for additional entries.  Lots of developments. (01/30/20 NYT article describing major advancement in dexterity of robots, Robot Dexterity)   Booklet, Tech Tsunami Booklet with Supplement


Are Trumpsters Brainwashed?  OK, so the title is a bit provocative.  However, the behavior of Republicans since Trump was elected has been a U-turn from previously held beliefs.  Why?  I agree Trump is a bully.  But still, Republicans in Congress are not in the 3rd grade.  They’re supposed to be wearing big-boy pants.  The booklet is a compilation of various entries from the blog.  The plan is to update when appropriate. Booklet, Are Trump Republicans Brainwashed 2020Q1