Characters: Profile

​Following are some profiles of the characters in the blog.  Not everyone covered but you’ll get some idea of relationships.  As I hope everyone understands, I’ve taken some liberties with the characters.  I’ve also tried to maintain some disguise.  You’ll probably recognize yourself and a few others but, unless you’re a close friend, no one will know.  And no, no one in the immediate family is part of the blog.

Some characters do not have profiles, even though they are in multiple entries.  The characters should  be self-explanatory.  Examples include the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Senate Majority Leader.

The entries about General Motors include reference to a number of former executives, ranging from Alfred P Sloan to “Engine” Charlie Wilson to Roger B Smith.  There is considerable information on the web about these individuals.

Additional character profiles will be added over time.  Thanks for your interest in this blog.

 092615_2031_Characters1.jpg JC. Friend from grammar school. Met when we were knee-high to grasshoppers. Lots of experiences over the years.  Smart, witty and always ready with a zinger.  We have great fun talking about a wide range of subjects.  A character who appears most often, although for no particular reason.
 092615_2031_Characters2.jpg Greenie. Same grammar school as JC and me. Class a couple of years behind mine. Met later through JC.  Also very smart and witty.  Great writer and very concerned about social issues.  Part of life included inside track on what was really happening in Washington.
 092615_2031_Characters3.jpg Ms. Became friends during days while working in NY. Raised in the south and part of old-line southern family. Lots of experiences together over the years. Lived internationally. Got the nickname “Ms” because an early and strong advocate for women’s rights.
 092615_2031_Characters4.jpg Maggie. Ms’ daughter. If you are middle-aged or slightly older, one of the “little kids” who grew up. Job in high fashion. Very successful.  Lots of fun to be around.
 092615_2031_Characters5.png Rock Man. A great success. Born in eastern NC to poor tenant cotton farmers. One of many siblings, all of whom graduated from college. Lived internationally. Wife a high-profile executive. Kids excel. Role model for minorities.
 092615_2031_Characters6.jpg Oil Man. Classmate from grad school. Executive in oil business. Lived internationally. Good friends altho politics sometimes far apart. If you have lived or worked in Texas, you’ll understand the pair of six shooters.
 092615_2031_Characters7.gif Gelly. Jordan’s assistant. We’ve been friends for a few years. Seemed to be a good fit to help manage Jordan.
 092615_2031_Characters8.gif Sandy. Business colleague. Excellent technically. Smart and interesting.  Like many younger people, needs to broaden sources of information.  Expanding social skills would be helpful.  The hunting outfit is spot on.
 092615_2031_Characters9.gif Steve. Combination figure of two business colleagues, who are also friends. The personalities are different so the “Steve” character is about in the middle.
 092615_2031_Characters10.gif POTUS. Yes, that POTUS, aka president of the United States. There is no caricature for POTUS since the person in office will change over time. Jordan has a relationship with POTUS but is not part of the inner circle. The White House represents the president.
 092615_2031_Characters11.png Matt. Reporter for a major newspaper. In another life I would occasionally deal with Matt, although the conversation focused on technical topics, not politics. I have great respect for skills and thought he was a good role model for a reporter. Most of the entries with Matt are about General Motors.
 092615_2031_Characters12.gif Middle Finger Mickey. You need a character whose portrait needs no further explanation.   I’ve tried to use Mickey judiciously.   I find him very useful at times.
Queeny, Cleopatra, Caesar and King George III. What most people would consider monetarily successful. Living in a fantasy world. Prime targets for those rebelling during the 5th US Revolution. They appear in the early entries, then disappear.   Enough said.