(Readers: Please note this blog is constructed as a story.  While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning, Entry #2.) 

Scene:    Caesar enters Pigeon Hollow Country Club and finds Jordan.

Caesar: “Jordan, glad I found you. I’ve changed my mind and want to join you. I’m converting to your religion…as it were.”

Jordan: “Heard you were coming. What prompted the change? By the way, it’s nice to have another convert. You can no longer be conservative, which leaves you reform or orthodox. I’d choose reform.”

Caesar: “OK, I’ll be reform.

Jordan: “Now, let’s get serious. Cleo and Queeny need some help. They pulled together a good work team to identify and solve major problems but the two of them lack management experience.”

Caesar: “They’re good at managing husbands and kids but not large staffs.”

Jordan: “Speaking of husbands, where is King George III? Still cleaning toilets?”

Caesar: “Yes and I’m concerned he’ll not come around. He keeps fighting the rebels and is especially upset with you.”

Jordan: “Why upset with me? I should be upset with him. He never understood how his management team tried to make the company better and make him more money in the process. His behavior still baffles me…and a lot of people. Let’s hope he comes around.”

Caesar: “Enough of King III. What do want me to do?”

Jordan: “Hang out with me for a day or two and get an idea of the operations. Let me know any ideas on how we might improve. The revolution has good people but we are short of high-level management experience.”

Caesar: “I’ll stay with you for a few days, then what?”

Jordan: “Help Cleo and Queeny begin implementing the ideas from the workshop. The workshop will produce good ideas but we need someone to manage the implementation.”

Caesar: “Have you talked to Cleo and Queeny about me helping? They like to be in charge.”

Jordan: “They have done a great job of pulling the workshop together. But you and I know that implementing those ideas is beyond their pay grade.”

Caesar: “Let’s hope they think I can help.”

Jordan: “We’ve got problems here at HQ.”

Caesar: “Enjoying using Pigeon Hollow as HQ?

Jordan: “As a matter of fact, I am. The club did a nice job preparing for the PGA tournament.”

Caesar: “Sorry about the snide remark about Pigeon Hollow.  I need some time to make the transition from bad guy to good guy. What is the #1 problem at HQ?”

Jordan: “Counting and coordinating arms and ammunition. I never realized how many guns and how much ammo were in private hands.”

Caesar: “You know, my nephew owns…or at least did own… a gun shop. The shop had record sales every year for the last decade. Started when whackos elected Obama.”

Jordan: “Careful Caesar. Those whackos, as you call them, are now the revolutionaries. Our patriots.”

Caesar: “I’ll tell you what’s even more troubling to me. Many of the good ol’ boys in the south who voted Republican and hated Obama have joined the revolution.”

Jordan: “And we’re glad to have them because those former Republicans have been the source of most of the guns and ammo. What I find ironic, and almost humorous if it weren’t so serious, is how the Republicans kept insisting the 2nd Amendment allowed individuals to own large caliber semi-automatic weapons. We’re using those weapons in the revolution.”

Caesar: “Who is teaching these guys how to shoot properly? One thing to shoot at a target on a range or shoot bambi. One uses a different set of skills in the military. Big difference between the two.”

Jordan: “I’m helping with instruction for now. Dusted off my old drill instructor’s uniform and started teaching the basics of marksmanship by military standards. We need some help. I really don’t have time for the classes. I know a Navy SEAL who can help. I’ll call him.”

Caesar: “What’s next on the agenda?”

Jordan: “What’s next is the big problem every revolution faces – how to run the country.”

Caesar: “I agree. I’ve only been involved in the private sector, helping reorganize companies. Putting together the plan was easy compared to trying to implement it and run the company.”

Jordan: “Caesar, you’ve been through major reorganizations a couple of times. Maybe that should be your role. Help set up the organization that can function after the revolution is over.”

Caesar: “Most of the organization is probably in place. We don’t need to start from scratch and create a constitution, or the legislative, executive or judicial branches. But we do need to fix some serious imbalances.”

Jordan: “And, if you think about it, the imbalances resulted from the checks and balances getting out of whack. One group gained too much power. That group gained too much wealth and everyone else got the shaft.”

Caesar: “Since Bastille Day when you and your buddies broke up our little celebration, I’ve been thinking about your comment that in the US a revolution occurs every 50 years or so. While the appearance of each revolution has been different, the underlying cause has been the same.”

Jordan: “And the cause is?”

Caesar: “An imbalance of power with one group effectively controlling another. Sometimes the control was physical, sometimes emotional and sometimes financial. But always one group effectively controlled another.”

Jordan: “I’ll tell you what scares me about this revolution. The potential for bloodshed. We have all these high-powered rifles in the hands of people who have been brought up on video games. Other than a few, they have no experience in the military, and no real idea how ugly warfare can be.”

Caesar: “I agree. Let’s create a plan to complete the revolution and minimize the bloodshed.”

Jordan: “Unfortunately, some bloodshed seems inevitable given the number of weapons and the lack of training but let’s minimize it. Caesar, you just got yourself a job. You are now in charge of homeland security and department of defense. Welcome aboard.”