(Readers: Please note this blog is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning. Read one or two segments each day and you will catch up quickly.)

Scene: JC and Jordan a few days later. Jordan’s Office.

Jordan: “JC, nice to see you again. Good couple of days?”

010414_1635_16TeachingS1.jpgJC: “Are you going to say hello to Ralph? I thought you had better manners.”

Jordan: “Good morning, Ralph. Nice to see you again, too. Now, what about a plan.”

JC: “Yes, I have a plan. But you cannot put me in charge. That’s not my expertise. I won’t do it.”

Jordan: “I promised to get someone else to run the program you developed. When we finish this 122913_1337_14BringingU4.jpgconversation, I need to get your perspective on something.”

JC: “Perspective on what?”

Jordan: “Let’s wait and first address helping the pound dogs.”

JC: “Jordan, don’t call them pound dogs, please.”

Jordan: “OK. But what do we do with these kids without parents or homes? What ideas did you come up with?”

JC: “The approach is old school and we talked about it briefly last time we met. After a lot of teeth gnashing, it seems like the best idea — boarding schools with room, board and an education program. And lots of emphasis on education, academic and social. Sort of modern orphanages.”

Jordan: “OK keep going,”

JC: “The boarding schools would be scattered throughout the country, trying to keep kids in areas where they grew up and/or have relatives.”

Jordan: “What about foster parents? The idea of a group homes seems so cold and less family like.”

JC: “I thought the same thing at first. But then I did some research. Group homes…really boarding schools…when managed properly, can create a family atmosphere.”

Jordan: “Better atmosphere than foster homes?”

JC: “Not in every case and under ideal circumstances probably not in most cases. But the situation we’re in is not normal. We have large numbers of kids and a small percentage of families willing to take in foster children. It is a big mismatch. Plus we have very few qualified social workers to help screen foster parents and manage the system.”

Jordan: “Society is now paying the price for many states cutting back on funding social programs and staff to support the programs. You’re right. Seems as if we have no choice but boarding schools. What else do you have?”

JC: “I’ve got some more details that I can share with whoever is going to head up this project. And, Jordan, remember your promise — I am not going to run this program.”

Jordan: “I remember the promise. I have some contacts to recruit a manager. My sister-in-law being one. She’s been involved with social services for more than 20 years. She must have a boatload of contacts.”

JC: “Good. I have another topic to discuss — education.”

Jordan: “OK but we need to start that conversation tomorrow morning. And, I know, start late morning. Little JC needs her sleep. I really do want to hear your thoughts.”

JC: “Let’s go Ralph. C’mon boy.”