(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning.)

Scene: Jordan’s Office

Jordan:     “Rock Man, nice to see you. How’s the world traveler?”

Rock Man: “Back in the States for a while. I thought it would be calmer here. What’s with the revolution?”

Jordan:     “How long have you been back?”

Rock Man: “About a week. Heard you had another important job and wanted to stop by and say hello.”

Jordan: “How did you get past security?”

Rock Man: “I have all these clearances for traveling and one of your colleagues asked me to brief you on a couple of countries. Actually, he arranged the clearance.”

Jordan: “One more thing, and then I want to ask you to do me a favor. How’s the corporate wife of yours? President of the company, yet?”

Rock Man: “Not far from it. Head of international operations, which means lots of traveling but headquarters are in the States.”

Jordan: “And the kids?”

Rock Man: “One at Harvard. Sorry, I tried together to consider your alma mater but she’s liberal arts and not a techie. The other is at a trade school. He’s great at making things and not great at English literature.”

Jordan: “That’s wonderful. And a great lead in to what we need help with.”

Rock Man: “And that is?”

Jordan: “This country needs high-energy, non-religious, successful, black man to lead the effort to get more kids to stay in school and get an education.”

Rock Man: “What did I do wrong to get this request?”

Jordan: “C’mon, you know you are the perfect candidate. One of eight children of a dirt-poor family from Eastern North Carolina. Yet, all the kids got a college education.”

Rock Man: “It even amazes me sometimes how my parents pulled it off. I do not know how they did it. We had nothing.”

Jordan: “The great appeal is your success is not tied to entertainment or athletics.”

Rock Man: “I’m sure I told you this but I started out in one college and then moved to another because it was not academically challenging enough.”

Jordan: “There you go. Great story. And yes you told me before and I often repeat the story for other people.”

Rock Man: “Least we forget my spouse, she is the big dollar earner.”

Jordan: “To me that makes the story even better. You, the macho black man, who becomes a stay-at-home dad to help raise the kids. The whole story is 180 degrees from what many people perceive as the role for the macho black man.”

Rock Man: “Might be too far outside the norm.”

Jordan: “No. What we want is for parents and kids to look at you and the family and commit to try to accomplish the same thing.”

Rock Man: “Do you have some program laid out? What am I supposed to do?”

Jordan: “You decide the best approach. Look, no matter how hard I try it’s impossible for me to walk in your shoes or to get the attention of black kids.”

Rock Man: “I agree there is a big problem…but it is more than just black kids. Its kids of color…even a lot of white kids.  I know you understand that so we need to be careful not to make this just a black issue.”

Jordan: “I hear you. At the same time, my belief is we have become too politically correct when addressing social issues. Black families have issues that other families do not. But to me blacks are best a t addressing those issues.  You think anyone at the synagogue will believe a Buddhist’s interpretation of the Torah?”

Rock Man: “Understood. Blacks do have specific issues. We are not going to make progress until we address them.”

Jordan: “Rock Man, you have a blank sheet of paper for this project. You decide the best approach. Don’t over analyze it. You know the issues and probably the solutions.”

Rock Man: “So how long do I have?”

Jordan: “Let’s review a draft proposal in a week. Sooner if you are ready.”

Rock Man: “Why did I stop to see you? OK, Jordan, I’ll get back. And, by the way, thanks for asking.”