(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, after a few recent entries, you might want to start at the beginning. More about the blog and about the author. )

Scene: Italian restaurant. Jordan and friends, Ms and daughter, Maggie.

Jordan: “Great to see both of you. Maggie, your mother and I had dinner a few weeks ago. It’s been years since we’ve seen each other. Bring me up to date.”
Margaret Maggie: “Short version is finished college. Got married. Got divorced. Moved to California and started working in high-end fashion.”
Ms: “Really high-end fashion. Maggie is too polite to mention she managed a fashion store in Beverly Hills.”
Jordan: “Wow. That’s impressive. What kind of stuff did you sell?”
Maggie: “Probably a better word than ‘stuff.’ We sold women’s shoes, handbags, other kinds of accessories. All fairly high-end.”
Womens symbol Ms: “High end is an understatement. Outrageously expensive.”
Jordan: “Coming from you, it must be expensive.”
Maggie: “Excuse me but the waiter is here to take our order.”
Jordan: “Speaking of giving orders. Maggie, you remind me of your mother. Do this. Do that. I think what we have is a case of ‘Like mother, like daughter.’”
Ms: “Jordan, let’s order as Maggie is suggesting.”

(Order complete. Waiter leaves.)

Jordan: “Just how expensive are these handbags? A thousand, two thousand?”
Maggie: (Laughing) “Two thousand would be our Wal-Mart model.”
Ms: “Add some more money.”
Jordan: “OK, five thousand.”
Maggie: “You’re still cold. Try $20,000 plus.”
Jordan: “$20k for a handbag? What’s it made out of, dinosaur skin with kryptonite locks?”
Ms: “You’re not far off. They use some really exotic skins and precious metals.”
Jordan: “Does anyone really buy this stuff?”
Handbag Maggie: “Each handbag is a limited edition. We usually have a waiting list.”
Ms: “There’s even a market for used handbags. Not used a lot, but still used.”
Maggie: “A few years ago a college student starting buying used handbags and reselling on eBay. In a couple of years he built a very nice business.”
Jordan: “There was an article in the NY Times about the guy. He was selling herpes handbags…”
Ms: ”…Jordan, those are not herpes handbags. They’re Hermes handbags. Hermes. Got it?”
Jordan: “Hermes handbags, herpes handbags, what’s the difference? You’ve been screwed either way.”
Ms: “You are awful. And in front of my daughter.”
Maggie: “Mom, I’m not some kid. Besides, I think calling it a herpes handbag is pretty funny.”
Jordan: “Anyway, there was some controversy because the used bag man left one company and went to Christie’s Auction House. Is a used bag man like a used car salesman?”
Ms: “Sometimes I just have to shake my head when I hear you talk.”
Jordan: “Really, this all seems rather stupid to me.”
Maggie: “That’s because you’re not a woman. It is a big deal. There is a real market for used bags.”
Jordan: “Funny, I know a few old bags and no one seems interested in them.”
Ms: “Careful. Were you talking about me?”
Jordan: “Did I say you were an old bag?”
Maggie: “You guys always talk to each other like this?”
Ms: “He’s usually not so polite. Must be because you’re here.”
Jordan: “C’mon, Ms. When have I not been polite to you?”
Ms: “Well, OK. You do always respect me…in the morning.”
Maggie: “Children. Back to the story, please.”
Used Car royalty-free-car-salesman-clipart-illustration-443283Jordan: “I don’t really care what people do with their money. But I do think when one company files suit to stop a used bag salesman from going to another company to sell used bags, the country’s value system has gotten out of whack.”
Maggie: “BH…I mean Beverly Hills…has always been a little out of whack.”
Jordan: “True, but at some point sanity needs to take over. Selling handbags that cost more than many people earn all year seems over the top. And waiting lists!”
Ms: “Are you implying that’s not fair?”
Jordan: “I suppose I am.”
Maggie: “What’s not fair? I mean didn’t these people earn the money fair and square?”
Jordan: “Earned yes. Fair and square? A lot of times, not really.
Ms: “Here’s dinner. Hold that thought.”
(To be continued)

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