(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, after reading a few recent entries, you might want to start at the beginning. More about the blog and about the author. )

Scene: Italian restaurant with long-time friend, Ms, and her daughter, Maggie. Dinner starts Entry #61. (Jordan receives a text while Ms and Maggie are visiting restroom.)

Ms: “Jordan, what’s wrong?”
Jordan: “Just got a text from my supervisor. A friend of ours has died.”
Womens symbol Maggie: “Not good. Who was it if I might ask?”
Jordan: “It was the Maxster.”
Ms: “Maxster sounds like a dog.”
Jordan: “Technically Maxster was a dog. But we never thought of him that way.”
Ms: “Didn’t know you had a dog.”
Jordan: “Maxster wasn’t ours. He used to stay at the house when the family was out of town.”
Maggie: “How often did the Maxster visit?”
Jordan: “3-4 times a year. Sometimes a few days. Sometimes 9-10 days. Depended on where the family was going Margaret for vacation…or some other trip.”
Ms: “You must have liked him a lot.”
Jordan: “The Maxster, really Max, was a great people dog. A Havanese.”
Maggie: “Aren’t they a breed of Bichon?”
Jordan: “Yes and popular in Cuba…as in Havana. But more importantly, Max was a real buddy. We’d go on walks together and we’d talk.”
Ms: “I assume you did most of the talking.”
Maxster Cropped Jordan: “Dogs are really interesting animals. Many humans could learn a lot from dogs.”
Maggie: “Mom, what about Pepper when I was growing up? I must admit Pepper wasn’t the friendliest dog in the world.”
Ms: “Because he took after the other person in the household, who was not too friendly either.”
Jordan: “I think that’s one of the lessons. If a dog takes on the personality of the owner, then the owner needs to recognize that’s how other people see him or her.”
Ms: “Good point. By the way, Jordan, did you have a dog growing up?”
Jordan: “Yes, a wonderful dog and a great friend.”
Maggie: “You friendly with all the dogs? Animal dogs, I mean.”
Jordan: “Good zinger, Maggie. Actually, it’s rare that I meet a dog that I don’t get along with. But my dog growing up was special.”
Ms: “Why’s that?”
Jordan: “Pound dog just like me.”
Maggie: “What are you talking about, pound dog?”
Jordan: “You know, from the shelter. Abandoned. Pound dogs always seem so grateful.”
Maggie: “So what kind of dog was it?”
Jordan: “Heinz 57. Who knows what breeds? The dog was a bit odd looking but smart.”
Ms: “Characteristics run in the family.”
Jordan: “I suppose so…if I only knew what family.”
Maggie: “What are you guys talking about?”
Ms: “Inside info. Let’s get back to the dog story. What was the dog’s name?”
Jordan: “Snowman.”
Maggie: “Got him in the wintertime, eh?”
Jordan: “Yes, and the coloration reminded me of a snowman.”
snowman Ms: “How old were you when Snowman arrived – 8, 9?”
Jordan: “Eight, I think.”
Ms: “So you have your buddy through grammar school and all the way thru high school?”
Jordan: “Snowman lived until I got out of undergrad – 15 years or so. I don’t remember exactly.”
Maggie: “Why are we talking about dogs?”
Ms: “Maggie, as you get older, you’ll start to realize…or at least I hope so…that the most meaningful parts of life come from relationships. Not from money, not from things but from relationships.”
Jordan: “And that what Max and Snowman provided. As odd as it may sound, the relationship that Max and Snowman had with me was unconditional. No strings attached…other than to provide food and water.”
Maggie: “I’ve never thought about how a dog could be the model for an ideal relationship with someone else.”
Ms: “It’s a great model as long as you don’t bark and wag your tail…too much anyhow.”
Jordan: “OK, a toast to Max and Snowman. Two of my best friends. Let’s toast Pepper who made an effort at being nice.”
Ms: “Hear, hear. To Max, to Snowman and even to Pepper.”
Maggie: “You guys are a bit goofy but I’ll join you in the toast.”
Jordan: “And may the lessons of these friends carry forth.”
Ms: Jordan, I’d like to hear more about your project with POTUS. Maggie, let’s go.”
Maggie: “Jordan, great to see you again. Please keep us posted on the project.”
Jordan: “I will. A great evening. I really enjoyed it.”
Ms: “So did we. Remember, check’s on me.”