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Scene: Pizza joint with Jordan and Rock Man discussing ideas to help get blacks off the bottom rung of the economic ladder. Initial episode for this section begins #67 “Why Do Blacks Remain at the Bottom of the Economic Ladder?”

Rock Man: “I’m encouraged and excited about rebranding the black community. But I have one question. ‘Will it work?’”
Jordan: “Why do you ask?”
010114_1917_19RockManCo1.png Rock Man: “The question reminds me of a great joke, but I’ll stay serious this time. Why I ask is whether long-held biases can be eliminated.”
Jordan: “Give me an example other than blacks.”
Rock Man: “OK, smart guy, what about Jews? The Jewish community has accomplished virtually everything we’ve talked about for blacks. The group is highly educated, many in professional careers, widely recognized for major academic contributions in sciences and the arts. And very strong philanthropic base. Yet, discrimination remains. Why?”
Jordan: “Anti-Semitism, at least in the US, is not as overt and prevalent as discrimination against blacks. And the intensity of the discrimination has declined over the decades. But, as you say, ‘discrimination still is.’ And I will tell you, I do not know why it continues.”
Rock Man: “That’s my very concern. Jews have made all these gains, yet discrimination continues. So why is this effort at rebranding the black community going to make any noticeable reducing in discrimination?”
Jordan: “I’m confident it will…over time. As you just pointed out, there is going to be some discrimination no matter what. But that fact should not stop us from trying.”
Rock Man: “OK. I really needed to get the concern off my chest before we go any farther and start getting other people involved.”
Jordan: “Your point is a good one and one to remind each other and your colleagues when things get rough or when it seems as if progress is really taking two steps backwards.”
Rock Man: “Alright. Discrimination is…and will continue at some level forever. And, we will never understand why. Now, I need a couple of days off to get my head back together.”
Jordan: “See you in a couple.”