(Readers: The assumed chronological date for most of the entries in this blog is after the expected 5th revolution in the US.  For more background about  the expected revolution – labeled the Revenge Revolution – and the author, please view entry #01.) 

Last week was the 100th entry for this blog.  Thought it might be worthwhile to step back and assess the appropriateness of the content.

The premise of the blog is a Revenge Revolution that will occur sometime before 2025.  My track record for predicting such cataclysmic events is reasonably good, although I generally predict too early a date.

So, do I believe the US is still on track for a 5th revolution?  Yes.  Even more so today that when I started the blog last year.  The danger, of course, is that writing regularly about such an event diminishes one’s ability to be objective.  It’s the same danger as believing one’s own press releases.

With that caveat, I think it fair to say the US populous is more divided today than a year ago.  Congress, for all its apparent faults, is probably a fair representation of the attitude of the US population.  The rancor and bitterness in Congress has intensified.

While the 2014 mid-term elections resulted in a clear Republican majority of both houses, many candidates seem to have been elected not for what they stood for but what they stood against.  Many Republicans were very vocal about (a) not supporting affordable health care for middle and lower-income families and/or (ii) supporting tax cuts, the benefits of which would fall mostly to corporations and wealthier households.

Why would so many voters select candidates whose policies are contrary to their best interests?   My conclusion is many of the voters have been brainwashed.  Such brainwashing has happened before.

One of the most credible and honest politicians of the 20th century, George Romney (Mitt Romney’s father) stated in a campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee that he had been brainwashed by American generals about Vietnam.

Romney, who was the leading candidate, was chastised and ridiculed for the remark.  Reaction to the remark caused him to drop out of the race.

Was George Romney correct?  Absolutely.  And much of the American public, which had been brainwashed as well, eventually realized the deceit and turned against the war.

Today, the Republicans seem to be experts at brainwashing the public about what should be US economic policy.  There are a number of entries in the blog addressing what I consider the absolute lunacy of many Republicans about appropriate economic policy.

Before Republican readers get too exorcised, the Democrats seem to have been brainwashed about civil rights.  I am a big believer and supporter of civil rights.  And the rights extend to race, religion, martial preference and other aspects of society.  The US was founded on fairness…and, no, owning slaves was never fair.

A number of entries propose ideas to get blacks off the bottom run of the economic ladder.  The basic theme is responsibility.  Despite the unfair beginning, at some point the black community needs to take charge of its destiny and quite relying on someone else.  Real progress might take 2 or 3 generations but until the black community starts managing itself, no real progress will be made.  Other people and government can help but the black community needs to take charge.

In several entries I suggested that the black community stop sending athletes to the NFL and NBA.  OK to accept a college scholarship and get an education but sending athletes to professional sports sends the wrong message to younger blacks.

Since making that suggestion, there have been numerous cases where professional athletes, most if not all black, have been charged with domestic violence.  These cases have become very high-profile and reinforce the negative image of blacks.

In addition, the University of North Carolina has been cited for allowing many athletes to continue eligibility for sports by taking essentially ‘no show’ classes.  In what department were these ‘no-show’ classes – black studies?  To those of you in the black community, you need to step up and take control of your destiny.  No one said this blog was going to be politically correct.

I have some other examples of divisions within the country but I’ve made my case.  Overall the US seems more polarized than a year ago.  Despite very good economic growth the past few years (nearly 4.0% GDP growth in the most recent quarter), a large percentage of the population has made little progress with real income having declined.

At some point the frustration of groups being disadvantaged spills over the top.  And it won’t be pretty.  Imagine events in Ferguson, Missouri in 100 cities.  In 1,000 cities.  The police and National Guard could not control the rioters.

I’m going to keep writing.  As I’ve said in numerous entries, I hope my prediction proves wrong.  Your thoughts about this blog and entries are always appreciated.  Thanks for your time.  John R. Dabels for Jordan Abel (main character of this blog).