(Readers: The assumed chronological date for most of the entries in this blog is after the expected 5th revolution in the US.  For more background about  the expected revolution – labeled the Revenge Revolution – and author, please view entry #01.) 

Scene: Jordan and JC having coffee near Jordan’s office.

Jordan:  “JC, I need to review something with you.”

122813_1403_12ThePoundD1.jpgJC:  “Business stuff?”

Jordan:  “Yes.  Is that a problem?”

JC:  “No.  But in case you haven’t noticed, no one is working today except folks in retail and restaurants…and some medical.”

Jordan:  “Wonder why?”

JC:  “Jordan, duh?  Another brain-dead moment for you?  You realize its Christmas Eve, right?”

Jordan:  “So?”

JC:  “Look, you and I might not celebrate Christmas but most people do.  Besides, it seems like fun and we should enjoy the spirit.”

Jordan:  “Jordan:  “OK, business can wait, even if it is a project for POTUS.”

021214_1242_24Resultsof1.gifJC:  “Is POTUS in town?”

Jordan:  “No.  On vacation.”

JC:  “So you take a vacation.”

Jordan:  “Alright.  Now, you know what I always find humorous about Christmas?”

JC:  “Can’t imagine.  What?”

Jordan:  “The 25th is your birthday.  And your initials are JC.  And you’re Jewish.  I think that’s funny.”

JC:  “Want to hear something even funnier?”

Jordan:  “Fire away.”

122813_2140_15Education4.jpgJC:  “Remember the crèche they used to display at grammar school?”

Jordan:  “Absolutely.  But they probably couldn’t do that today.”

JC:  “Anyway, one year, the school needs a doll to represent the baby Jesus.”

Jordan:  “And…?”

JC:  “You are slow sometimes.  And, the principal asks me if I could lend them a doll for the season?”

Jordan:  “You’re kidding.”

JC:  “Nope.”

Jordan:  “At least they made sure that Jesus had a Jewish mother.  That’s really funny.”

JC:  “I never did get the doll back.  Apparently they used the doll for a number of years.”

Jordan:  “Great story.  Not sure why I never knew that.”

JC:  “Sometimes you don’t slow down and listen.”

Jordan:  “Yes, mother.  I know no business today but can we get together soon to review the plan for POTUS?”

JC:  “Not sure what I can contribute, but yes, we can met in a couple of days.”

Jordan:  “Good.”

JC:  “Jordan, now relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.”

(And, yes the key facts of this story are all true — the initials of the person involved, birthday, religion and lending the doll.)