(Readers: The blog centers around the author’s prediction that the US will experience a 5th revolution by 2020-2025.  Some early vignettes precede the revolution; later vignettes follow the revolution.  Many characters appear regularly.  More about the blog and the author.)

(Background for this series of entries. Earlier POTUS asked Jordan for ideas how to convince politicians and the public that it would be a good idea to fund rebuilding US infrastructure by fixing the price for gas and diesel fuel.  Original conversation with POTUS Entries #104, #105.)

Scene: Jordon on the phone with Oil Man, a well-respected executive in the oil-and-gas industry and former grad-school classmate of Jordan’s.

Jordan:  “Oil Man, nice to see you at the Super Bowl party.  Been a while.”

cowboy-clip-artOil Man:  “Yea, it was nice.  I enjoyed the chat and I especially liked the outcome of the game.”

Jordan:  “Well, what’s your reaction to POTUS’ idea about funding infrastructure?”

Oil Man:  “You mean what’s my reaction to raising taxes on fuel?  You know how Texans view taxes, especially those imposed by Washington.”

Jordan:  “OK, so it’s a tax.  I understand that and I think POTUS will call it a tax.  If he doesn’t, everyone else will.  Now what about the idea?”

Oil Man:  “At first, I thought you were nuts to bring up the idea.  Typical liberal wanting to raise taxes.”

Jordan:  “But now you’ve changed your mind?”

Oil Man:  “Changed my mind about you?  Never.  But I admit…and I really hate to admit…the idea makes sense.”

JTurtleneckordan:  “So you’ll be a spokesperson for the project?”

Oil Man:  “Hold it buddy.  I said this idea makes sense.  I didn’t say anything about being a spokesman.  Spokesman, Jordan, not spokesperson.  Do I look gender neutral to you?”

Jordan:  “What will it take to convince you to be a spokesperson…oops, spokesman?”

Oil Man:  “You not like me?  I thought we were friends.  Why would I want to subject myself to ridicule from my colleagues?”

JMickey-Mouse-fingerordan:  “I thought you were a tough guy.  Little Oil Man afraid of some criticism?  Ah, might hurt his feelings.”

Oil Man:  “Let me push up my glasses with my middle finger.”

Jordan:  “So you’ll do it.”

Oil Man:  “Where did you learn to manipulate me so well?  No, I’m not afraid of a little criticism.”

Jordan:  “Good.  Now how do we get your colleagues on board?  If we don’t get them on board, the idea will be DOA by the time it reaches Capital Hill.”

Oil Man:  “Congress still that much of a problem…even after the Revenge Revolution?  I thought you’d have Congress under control by now.  The Revolution really jolted thinking iCongressn the oil industry.  But most oil people are still hard-right Republicans and not very sympathetic to anyone politically left of them.”

Jordan:  “Understand.  You included in that hard-right category?

Oil Man:  “Yes, I’m included…and you know that.”

Jordan:  “That’s why I asked you to get involved.  If you support the idea, the hard right will have a tough time saying ‘no.’”

Oil Man:  “Alright, I’ll support it…but on one condition.”

Jordan:  “That is?”

Oil Man:  “You let me write the outline of my remarks.  I want to use my own words, not some wishy-washy crap from a DC-based PR firm. “

Jordan:  “Deal.  When can you have a draft ready to review?”

Oil Man:  “You are pushy.  Give me a few days.”

Jordan:  “Time is tight.  And your support is critical.  I’ll call in a few days.”

Oil Man:  “Why am I agreeing to this?”

Jordan:  “Because it’s the right thing to do…and you know it.”

Oil Man:  “I know.  Goodbye Jordan.”

(To be continued)