The timing of most entries is after the “Revenge Revolution,” or the 5th US revolution.  The Revenge Revolution is expected to occur around 2020, plus or minus.  More about the origination of the blog and the author, Entry #1. 

Scene for #142: Jordan’s office in Washington, DC. 

woman_parentGelly (Jordan’s assistant): “Jordan, an old friend of yours is here to see you.”

Jordan: “How old?”

Rock Man: “Not as old as you are, Jordan.”

Jordan: “Rock Man, what a pleasant surprise. What brings you to town?”

Gelly: “Before you guys do a deep dive, do either of you want some coffee or soda?”

010114_1941_20RockMans1.pngRock Man: “How ’bout a coffee. And bring one for my friend here, please. I’ll buy.”

Gelly: “That’s generous of you Rock Man.”

Jordan: “She’s right. Generous Rock Man. Buying coffee using else’s Keurig. But why are you here?”

Rock Man: “We are moving back to the States. We’re using the house hunting trip to squeeze in a mini-vacation.”

Jordan: “Glad you’re coming back. Headed to northeast Connecticut?”

Rock Man: “Yep. About half-way between New York and Boston.”

TurtleneckJordan: “I’m jealous. Everyone happy about coming back?”

Rock Man: “Ecstatic. Brazil has been a wonderful experience but we need to get back.”

Jordan: “I think most expats miss the homeland. Most every country has something special but nothing like the homeland. What’s special about Brazil?”

Rock Man: “One thing for certain. Really no discrimination. We fit right in and no one bats an eye.”

Jordan: “You think the US has made progress reducing discrimination since you left?”

Rock Man: “Tell me how or why?”

confederate-flag-steev-stamfordJordan: “First, we’ve had the Revenge Revolution, which threw out a lot of the old-boy politicians. And #2, the country has gotten rid of the Confederate Battle Flag…at least on most public property.”

Rock Man: “I read about the flag. I’m delighted the State of South Carolina finally took the flag down from the capital…but the whole process was mere symbolism. In fact, it made me laugh?”

Jordan: “Laugh at taking down the Battle Flag? What was so funny?”

Rock Man: “Nothing funny, really. What galls me — where were all those so-called enlightened politicians before the nine people…nine black people…were killed in Charleston?”

Jordan: “Where do you think they were?”

politicsRock Man: “Where most politicians were and still are – in the land of no guts. Wimp land.  All talk and no action.”

Jordan: “You seem upset.”

Rock Man: “Oh, no, I’m not upset. As I said, I’m happy the flag is down but do you really think taking down the flag is going to change attitudes?”

Jordan: “No. Really why should they change?”

Rock Man: “Look at Nikki Haley. No mention of the flag being repulsive before the shooting. And up to that point she’d been governor how long?”

Jordan: “4-5 years.”

Rock Man: “See what I mean? You’re governor for heaven’s sake. You have to be really dense or listening only to the radicals on one side of the aisle to think the Confederate Battle Flag was not inflammatory.”

Jordan: “Agreed. Inflammatory to blacks and many whites. But, for some people, the Battle Flag represents…”

Rock Man: “Pardon me for interrupting, Jordan, but who’s kidding whom? Let me ask you a simple question. How would you feel if there was a Nazi flag with a swastika swastikaflying on a bunch of German government buildings? Would that give you a warm-and-fuzzy feeling?”

Jordan: “Of course not.”

Rock Man: “Gee, Mr. Abel, but these swastikas are being flown to honor the really loyal German soldiers who died in WWII…and, who by the way, gassed your fellow Jews. I’m sure you understand, Mr. Abel, don’t you?”

Jordan: “Yes, I understand. And pardon me for being offended.”

Rock Man: “Now, you’re getting with the program. Here’s one that even the southern Battle-Flag boys can understand. Do they think England celebrates the 4th of July? Do washington statuethey think there are statutes of George Washington in various English towns? Think the flag-boys can understand that logic?”

Jordan: “I’m certain they can understand.”

Rock Man: “Let’s see if they understand this. The flag-boys should thank Lincoln for saving their ass and calling off the dogs.”

Jordan: “You talking about William Tecumseh Sherman?”

Rock Man: “Yes. And I few others. I might not have been as restrained and understanding as Lincoln.”

Jordan: “The US Civil War, like all civil wars, was ugly. Are you suggesting we not talk about it?”

I Luv NY Mug CroppedRock Man: “You mean the War of Northern Aggression. No, we should talk about it and study it, just like we study WWII. But let’s not whitewash the facts”

Gelly: “Excuse me. Is now a good time for coffee?”

Jordan and Rock Man (in unison): “Yes. Thanks.”


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