For first-time readers, this blog is set in the future (sometime after 2020).  This entry assumes the Revenge Revolution has occurred.  For more information about the anticipated 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution — and more background about the author, Entry #1.  One another note: almost all characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations.  You’ll catch on quickly.  Thanks for your time and interest…and comments. 

Scene: Jordan’s office in Washington, DC. 

Gelly: “Jordan, the Speaker of the House is on the phone. Line 2.”

woman_parentJordan: “The Speaker or former Speaker?”

Gelly: “Former Speaker. I keep forgetting he’s now Minority leader.”

Jordan: “He’d like to forget, too.” (Picks up phone.) “Hello John Boy. To what do I owe this honor?”

John Boy: “Morning, Jordan. The honor is you are one of the few people in Washington who can keep their mouth shut.”

Jordan: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

man_with_speechJohn Boy: “So intended. Need a favor…a very discreet favor.”

Jordan: “How many I help you?”

John Boy: “I need you to accidentally run into Mackey and me at Congressional Country Club.”

Jordan: “Tell me more.”

John Boy: “Nine o’clock tee time tomorrow morning if you can make it.”

Jordan: “I’ll be there. What’s the topic? Do I need to prepare?”

John Boy: “I’ll tell you when you get there. Check in at the Pro Shop first…and remember to take your clubs.”

proshop(Next morning at Congressional CC Pro Shop.) Head Pro: “Mr. Abel, you’re all set to go. Your party is on the putting green. Enjoy the round.”

Jordan: “Thanks.” (Putting green.) “Morning, John Boy.”

John Boy: “Morning, Jordan. Have a game today?”

Jordan: “Need a fourth?”

John Boy: “You’re the third. Mackey and I are playing. We’d love to have you join us. There will be no 4th.”

TurtleneckJordan: “I’d be delighted. Do I have time to hit some balls?”

John Boy: “We tee off in about 30 minutes. We can leave earlier if we want.”

(After hitting balls on the driving range.)

Jordan: “OK, I’m ready. Morning, Mackey.”

Mackey: “Morning, Jordan. Nice to see you. Ready for some golf?”

Jordan: “Do we have a game today?”

John Boy: “Not for the front nine anyway. We need to pick your brain. I got a 4-bag cart and a caddy to drive and stay out-of-the-way. We can walk and talk in private.”

(First tee box.)

Jordan: “OK, what’s the topic? And why all the deception about me accidentally stumbling on you guys here?”

occupations_lawyerMackey: “Too many eyes and ears…and hidden mikes around. You played along well, by the way.”

Jordan: “So what’s the question?”

Mackey: “Simple. Republican leadership…in fact most high-end Republicans…were caught off guard by the Revenge Revolution. What really surprised us what the widespread use of firearms among many of the Southern Republicans.”

John Boy: “You mean former Republicans. What happened?

Jordan: “Simple.”

GratefulJohn Boy: “Simple. The folks that rebelled should have been grateful.”

Jordan: “Grateful for what?”

Mackey: “We supported causes that we good for them. Like the rights under the 2nd Amendment to buy and own all kinds guns – even a 50 caliber semiautomatic.”

John Boy: “Let’s just think about what Jordan asked us. He asked why these people were not more grateful. What did we do for them, aside from the 2nd Amendment stuff?”

FightMackey: “We fought for tax cuts, especially the top end rates and on capital gains. We fought Obamacare and fought to eliminate those socialists programs Medicare and Medicaid.”

John Boy: “And then we fought to have more school vouchers for private schools, fought against a higher minimum wage…and fought a bunch of other stuff.”

Mackey: “These guys should have been grateful. But then they turn on us. I don’t get it.”

Jordan: “You’re forgetting one key point, in fact the key point.”

John Boy: “Quit the obfuscation, Jordan and get to the point. What did we supposedly forget?”

Jordan: “To fill their bellies.”

eating-010238Mackey: “Fill their bellies?”

Jordan: “You created little monsters with guns who were hungry and say no way to get fed…except by revolting.  Even the old white guys were frustrated and revolted.”

John Boy: “I need to think about that comment. Let’s play some golf.”

Mackey: “John Boy, you need to hit a provisional. I think you’re drive is out-of-bounds.”

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