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Scene: Jordan’s office in Washington. JC and Jordan continue conversation that started #191.

Jordan:  “Aren’t you being harsh on North Carolina?  The legislature wasn’t that bad was it?”

092615_2031_Characters1.jpgJC:  “Worse.  What really frosts me is how hypocritical the Republicans were.”

Jordan:  “Like what?”

JC:  “The legislature and the governor…who was governor about 2016?”

Jordan:  “You’re talking about Pat McCrory, former mayor of Charlotte?”

JC:  “I guess so.  Wasn’t he the governor when the legislature passed a bunch of laws they claimed would attract more business?”

Jordan:  “You mean like tax cuts for the wealthy, prohibiting cities from raising Turtleneckminimum wage above the Federal level, restricting workers from filing discrimination claims in state court…and some other stuff?”

JC:  “The legislature passed a bill making it OK to discriminate against gays…really all LGBT’s.  Then, a bunch of large companies start pushing back and asked the governor and legislature to repeal the law.  And what did the governor and the legislature say?”

Jordan:  “If I recall correctly, comments from Republican Representative Pittinger, whose district includes part of Charlotte, were typical.  He politicssaid we can’t let business dictate policy for Republicans.”

JC:  “What’s his name…Pettinger?”

Jordan:  “Pittinger, Robert Pittinger.”

JC:  “Excuse me Bobby Boy, all this legislation got passed by Republicans to attract business.  Then when some large businesses pushed back at legislation that clearly discriminates, you had the gall to say business should not dictate Republican policy.  Can you connect two dots…not three…just two dots?”

Jordan:  “You probably weren’t aware when Pittinger made those comments he was irs-logounder investigation by the IRS for some type of tax issue…and he had a revolt by investors in his land-development company.”

JC:  “Sounds like a credible guy.  A developer, in the same huckster genre as Donald Trump?”

Jordan:  “Yep, although not nearly as successful as Trump.”

Jordan:  “No wonder investors…and apparently the IRS…didn’t trust him.”

Jordan:  “Here’s an idea.  If Pittinger thinks Republicans should not let business dictate policy, then why doesn’t he introduce legislation in Congress to negate the effects of supreme_court_buildingthe Supreme Court’s decision re Citizens United?  That would put his money where his mouth is.”

JC:  “Great idea but you know he won’t do that.  No guts plus I’m not sure he’s smart enough to see the irony in his statement.”

Jordan:  “So, we’ve got a wacko US Representative from North Carolina.  Other places have wacko Reps as well.”

JC:  “But NC seemed to go from a reasonably rational state to an irrational state.  What happened?”

Jordan:  “Earlier I said Republican legislature was like a bunch of teenage boys…”

JC:  “…watching ‘Girls Gone Wild…”

Jordan:  “As companies began to take action that hurt the NC economy and/or reputation…”

PayPal LogoJC:  “…like PayPal cancelling a major expansion in Charlotte…”

Jordan:  “…and high-profile entertainers cancelled shows…”

JC:  “…like Bruce Springsteen…”

Jordan:  “…and a bunch of conventions cancelled or took Charlotte off the list, the Republican legislators dug in their heels and refused to consider changes to the law.”

McCroryJC:  “Where was the governor in all of this?”

Jordan:  “He claimed to be helpless in controlling the Republicans.  Hapless is probably a better description.  After a lot of heat, he issued an Executive Order to overturn part of the law but the EO was feeble and ineffective.”

JC:  “So to prove they were in charge, the Republican legislators let the state of North Carolina, and Charlotte in particular, deteriorate economically.  Didn’t they care?”

Jordan:  “Obviously not.  The Republicans had so gerrymandered the voting districts that most were rural and solid Republican.  To many of those people Charlotte had been overrun by a bunch of Yankee liberals and needed to be straightened out.”

JC:  “Payback time for the Civil War?”

070715_2218_141SenseChe3.jpgJordan:  “Not the Civil War, please.  War of Northern Aggression.”

JC:  “Pardon me, I forgot.”

Jordan:  “Many of the legislators were farmers or small business owners in rural areas.  They thought their fortunes were not tied to Charlotte…or Raleigh, for that matter.”

JC:  “So their attitude was let the hoity-toity city slickers rot.  Some time passes and then the economy of Charlotte and Raleigh take a serious hit.  But the legislators till won’t budge.”

Jordan:  “Then the rest of North Carolina starts to slide.  But before the legislators will admit their mistake…”

JC:  “…the Revenge Revolution starts.  The very people who the Republicans counted on to screw Charlotte ended up turning on the Republicans.  I love poetic justice.”

Jordan:  “Poetic justice but not before a lot of damage was done.  North Carolina will spend decades trying to rebuild its reputation and begin attracting younger, well-educated people.”

Confused Clip ArtJC:  “I understand there have always been differences in perspective between rural and urban dwellers.  What I cannot understand is why the NC Republican legislators felt a need to react so viciously to an ordinance enacted by the City of Charlotte.  That reaction seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Jordan:  “What I don’t understand is why the legislators even acted.  The ordinance was for the residents of the city…no one else.  If someone didn’t like Charlotte’s ordinances, no one was forcing them to go there.  Go someplace else.  I mean, what’s really the issue?”

JC:  “My opinion.  In NC terms, the state was ‘done wrong’ by a bunch of mental-midgets in the legislature.  The mental-midgets were power-hungry, on the loose and the governor either couldn’t or chose not to control them.  Let’s take a break before I start screaming.”