First-time readers, this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020).  Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution.  More about Revenge Revolution and author, Entry #1.  List and general description of entries to date.  Annual assessment whether Revolution plausible.

Note: most characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations.  Profile of characters.  You’ll catch on quickly.  Thanks for your time and interest…and comments.

Scene: Jordan’s Washington office.

092615_2031_Characters7.gifGelly (Jordan’s assistant): “Jordan, excuse me.  You have a visitor you’ll be glad to see.”

Jordan:  “Greenie.  Great to see you and great to see you’re up and about the world.”

Greenie:  “Nice to see you Jordan.  Happy to be out of the house.  Recuperating was a pain in the you-know-what.”

Jordan:  “This a social visit?”

092615_2031_Characters2.jpgGreenie:  “Stopped by to thank you for all your help.  You and JC did a wonderful job in getting information for my upcoming articles on the causes of the Revenge Revolution.”

Jordan:  “We had a fun and interesting time.  Been a while since I spent that much time with JC.”

Greenie:  “Like old home week, huh?  Anyway, I need one more favor, please.  When I look at information from 2016 – articles, surveys, etc. – I’m still confused by the rationale people used to justify voting for Trump.  I just don’t understand it.”

ignoreJordan:  “I would characterize much of the justification as having no support or rationale.  Most of the Trumpites just didn’t want to listen.”

Greenie:  “Seems as if a fairly large group was so anti-Hillary that they were willing to throw all logic to the wind.”

Jordan:  “I hear you.  Even some seemingly well-educated people drank the anti-Hillary Kool-Aid.”

Greenie:  “I can understand why people might not like her.  But you want a president that’s smart, understands issues and has some reasonable solutions.  As far as the Donald…”

TurtleneckJordan:  “Here’s a perfect example of what you’re talking about.  I’ve kept a copy of this email since receiving in mid-2016.”

Greenie:  “Is it from the RNC, NRA or one of those?”

Jordan:  “No.  From a fraternity brother in undergrad.”

Greenie:  “What’s the email say?”

TrumpJordan:  “The email lists reasons why someone should vote for Trump.”

Greenie:  “And, #10 is?”

Jordan:  “Actually, there are 13 reasons and I’m not sure there in hierarchical order other than the last one.  Here goes: (1) Hold Hillary accountable for her previous wrongs.  (2) Put ‘GOD’ back in America. (3) Borders: closed or tightly guarded. (4) Congress: On the same retirement and healthcare plans as everybody else.  (5) Congress: obey its own laws, NOW!  (6) Language: English only.  (7) Culture: Constitution and Bill of Rights.  (8) Drug Free: Mandatory drug screening before and during welfare. (9) Freebies: None to non-citizens.  (10) Budget: Balance the damn thing.  (11) Foreign Countries: stop giving them our money!  Charge them for our help!  We need it here.  (12) Fix the TAX CODE! (13) And most of all, Respect our military and our flag.”

Greenie:  “Was there any explanation of what these statements were intended to mean?”

092615_2031_Characters6.jpgJordan:  “No, just proclamations.  ‘I’m in charge and this is what I want.’  Like someone with a pair of six shooters…plus one.  Rapid fire, no reasoning.  Want to go back to the beginning and discuss each one further?”

Greenie:  “Yes, but I need some coffee first.  I’ll check with Gelly.  Want a cup?”

Jordan:  “Yes, please.  Thanks.”