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Scene: Bill O’Reilly Show Fox Network  (Conversation for this section begins Entry #209)       

O’Reilly:  “We have a special program this evening.  The OReilly Show Logoconversation is about how to begin addressing and ideally how to start solving some ongoing issues facing the black community.  My guest is someone with an incredibly interesting background…and even better he’s not a politician or a nationally known figure – at least not yet.  (O’Reilly then describes Rock Man’s background and accomplishments).  Welcome to the show Rock Man.  Thanks for coming on.”

Rock Man:  “You’re welcome, Bill.  And thanks for the nice introduction.”

O’Reilly:  “Don’t thank me.  I just summarized what you’ve accomplished…and it’s very impressive.”

092615_2031_Characters5.pngRock Man:  “Appreciate it.”

O’Reilly:  “Before we go any farther, I want to emphasize I had to twist Rock Man’s arm a bit to come on the show.”

Rock Man (laughing):  “Twist only a bit?  You almost broke my arm.”

O’Reilly:  “OK.  I met Rock Man through a mutual acquaintance.  Rock Man is here representing no one but himself – no organization, no political group and no agenda other than wanting to help the black community.  You want to add anything to that Rock Man?”

Rock Man:  “Just that I found your piece about issues facing the black community very thought provoking…and disturbing.”

O’Reilly:  “Why disturbing?”

Rock Man:  “What was disturbing is not what you said.  I can get past some of your editorializing – I know that comes with the territory.  But what caused me pause was the observation that the black community, the politicians, even the general public seem to avoid talking about many of the points you raised.  I hear lots of blaming but no real discussion about the cause.”

Bill-O’ReillyO’Reilly:  “For those who haven’t seen the piece, which I first published in 2016, the main issue was a question about how the following behaviors affected the economic and social well-being of the black community.  General categories were: (i) high percentage of births outside marriage; (ii) seeming lack of emphasis on education; (iii) use of illicit drugs; (iv) the effect of the media glamorizing certain negative behavior.”

Rock Man:  “I agree these items are linked and contribute to the problem.  And, yes, I also agree that no one outside the black community is forcing this kind of behavior.  The black community cannot blame whites, Hispanics, politicians, the media or even slavery for their behavior.”

O’Reilly:  “Folks, Rock Man’s comments are why I thought this conversation would be productive.  So what can we do to start turning this ship around?”

blameRock Man:  “The first step is the black community needs to look in the mirror and quit pointing fingers and blaming others.  Blaming others might make one feel better but it does not lead to any improvement.”

O’Reilly:  “Then what?”

Rock Man:  “This might upset a lot of black politicians and so-called leaders but I think we…”

O’Reilly:  “…we meaning the black community?”

Rock Man:  “Yes.  The black community needs to ask other ethnic groups how they succeeded.”

O’Reilly:  “Ask any group in particular?”

Rock Man:  “If one looks back in US history, virtually all ethnic groups suffered significant discrimination for some period.”

No Irish Need ApplyO’Reilly:  “My grandfather had a sign in his office that read ‘Help Wanted.  No Irish Need Apply.”

Rock Man:  “I’ve never seen that sign but its great example.  So maybe the black community sits down with some Irish – like the O’Reilly clan – and tries to understand how the Irish transitioned from blatant discrimination to having a president elected and having someone become a kingpin at the Fox Network.”

O’Reilly (smiling):  “Not sure about a kingpin part.  But thanks.  Now, what about other ethnic groups?”

Rock Man:  “We could learn a lot from many groups – Jews, many Asian cultures, every major group that has immigrated.”

O’Reilly:  “You bring up an interesting point.  Many blacks obviously look markedly different from whites.  There’s no confusion about your heritage.  Many Asians are also easily identified.  Looking different from most everyone else is a cause of some discrimination, like it or not.”

Rock Man:  “I agree looking different is likely always going to cause some discomfort – for both sides.  But if appearance were an overriding issue, you and I wouldn’t be talking.”

O’Reilly:  “So you think there are issues more fundamental than appearance, right?”

Plan Goal StrategyRock Man:  “Your list from 2016 is a great start.  We should ask other ethnic groups what plans, goals and strategies they developed to hold families together, encourage education…really their ideas to make life better for future generations.”

O’Reilly:  “You going to lead that effort, Rock Man?”

Rock Man:  “How can I lead that effort?  You said earlier that I’m no high-profile entertainer, no major sports figure, and certainly no politician.”

O’Reilly:  “I’ll tell you how.  Remember the 2016 Democratic Convention?  One of the Kahn at DNCmost memorable moments was the speech by Khizr Kahn talking about loss of his son, an officer in the US military, and then Mr. Kahn’s offer to lend Donald Trump a copy of his constitution.”

Rock Man:  “That was a great moment.”

O’Reilly:  “Mr. Kahn started an important dialogue that changed many people’s mind about the ‘credibility’ of the Donald.  You might become the new Mr. Kahn for changing discourse in the black community.”

Rock Man:  “Thanks but where am I going to get that kind of audience?”

O’Reilly:  “You can start right here.  I realize there aren’t many black viewers for this show.  Maybe we can change that…at least when you’re on.”

Rock Man:  “Are you inviting me back?”

O’Reilly:  “Rock Man, this country has a problem – an underperforming black community.  And all of us need to help with a turnaround.”

Rock Man:  “Help, yes, but the black community needs to take the lead.  You serious about using this show?”

agreement-clipart-business_handshakeO’Reilly:  “Yes, dead serious.  While you and I are opposite politically, we both want to help the black community improve.  As part of that effort you can a regular on this show.  Have we got a deal?”

Rock Man:  “Bill, you’re a persuasive guy.  We’ve got a deal.”