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Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US.  Entry #400 was the most recent “sense check.” 

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ENTRY #405 BEGINS: The refusal of no more than seven Republicans to vote for the conviction of Donald Trump for inciting a riot at the capital confirms the transformation of the Republican Party from one sorta, kinda based on principles to one run by thugs with no principles. Trump and his followers have complete control of what is left at the Republican Party.

Anyone with a pea for a brain has to be baffled by the behavior of the likes of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. McConnell voted to acquit Trump, then excoriated him soon after the final vote, and in essence encouraged Federal and/or state judiciaries to indict him. If Trump is so bad, then why did you vote to acquit? Certainly not for lack of evidence.

Graham, the milk-toast senator from South Carolina, headed to Mar-a-Lago soon after the vote to lick the boots of the wannabe dictator. And Lindsey, you claim John McCain was your role model? And you were in the military reserves for many years as a judge?

Lindsey, ever remember taking an oath to uphold the US Constitution? The Constitution outlines the framework for a democracy, not a dictatorship.

Following Trump’s acquittal, Republican parties at the state level immediately began to censure Federal House and Senate members who voted to uphold the Constitution and impeach Trump. The state parties want to rid themselves of anyone who has moral standards.

Republican legislators in Georgia were furiously trying to change the state constitution by the end of February to prevent county officials from presenting any information to a grand jury about possible crimes associated with elections. Under the proposed revisions, those indictments could only be handled by grand juries at the state level. The proposed change is to protect Trump from the district attorney in Fulton County (Atlanta) from likely indicting Trump for trying to overturn the state election results.

While none of these actions by Republicans is a surprise, the actions do emphasize why the 5th US Revolution is likely to include Civil War-like skirmishes. Actions against the Constitution by spineless Republicans have emboldened the far-right militia. The invasion of the Michigan State Capitol was first, and a bit of a rehearsal. The invasion of the US Capitol was next and could be the beginning of a series of guerilla attacks.

The FBI will continue to arrest and prosecute many of the Capitol invaders. But the FBI knows it faces two major problems in controlling the militia cells. #1, several Federal judges appointed by Senate Republicans under Trump have been extraordinarily lenient on bail requirements for those arrested in invading the Capitol. One judge allowed a defendant to take a vacation in Mexico. #2, far-right cells include many former military and police personnel. These individuals are well trained and can fill leadership roles for any existing members incarcerated. The FBI knows that like the US military experience in Vietnam, controlling gorilla cells is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

During the US Capitol invasion, while no member of Congress or VP Pence was assassinated, with Trump’s acquittal, the militia groups feel free to pursue retribution by attempting to assassinate Trump’s perceived enemies – Democratic leaders – Federal and state – judges who ruled against Trump, and Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. As noted in recent entries, unfortunately some of those assassination attempts likely will be successful.

As for as a credible political voice, the Republican Party has lost it. For anyone even slightly left of the extreme right, nothing the Republican Party can do or say has any credibility.

Compounding the problem for principled Republicans is the Lincoln Project, formed as a home for principled Republicans, seems to be imploding. Several key executives and board members have resigned recently. The cause? Personal behavior and not political principles. What seemed to be a viable start on a new home for principled Republicans has stalled and possibly disintegrating.

What happens in the next few months may be very telling about the survival of the Republican Party. Democrats likely will pass most of the Biden administration’s proposed legislation to address the: (i) economy (ii) healthcare coverage; (iii) need to begin rebuilding infrastructure. Based on the willingness to convict Trump and then the retribution by the state parties, there likely will be a number of Republicans who are so disgusted with Trump and the Republican Party’s lack of principles that they will support the Democratic legislation. For example, what does Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) have to lose? He’s been censured by the NC Republican Party. Plus, he’s not running for reelection.

Those remaining in the Republican Party will kowtow to Trump for some time. But such efforts are a lost cause, much like clinging to a sinking ship. In the coming months Trump faces a number of civil and criminal indictments. In order to satisfy financial obligations, Trump will be forced to liquidate many properties.

Some hard-core Trumper‘s have already abandoned him, including some of the Proud Boys. And some who have been convicted of invading the US Capitol likely will try to call Trump as a witness in their trials, claiming that all they did was respond to Trump’s orders. To paraphrase a saying from the comedian Flip Wilson popular many years ago, “The Donald made me do it.” (Wilson said, “The Devil made me do it.”)

With lack of media attention, Trump will soon fade away or maybe melt like the wicked witch of the west in the “Wizard of Oz.” Without a new leader, and so far none has emerged, as Trump goes so goes the Republicans Party.

In a bit of irony this week, on the same day the last of Trump’s hotels in Atlantic City, NJ was intentionally demolished, using 3,000+ sticks of dynamite, Republicans experienced another implosion. The far-right entertainer and supporter of Trump, Rush Limbaugh, died of lung cancer. What or who will implode next? Stay tuned. (Comments welcome.)

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