Welcome to a discussion about the upcoming 5th Revolution in the US, which I’ve titled the “Revenge Revolution.” For more about the Revenge Revolution and the author, Entry #1 Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US. Entry #430 was the most recent “sense check.”

START ENTRY #436: Time to sit back and ask yourself a few questions. 

  • If a friend or family member repeatedly exhibited unethical behavior, would you still associate with that person?  
  • If someone repeatedly promised in public to do something and then did just the opposite, would you want to associate with that person? 
  • If that person used one logic stream to justify behavior for one event and then, for a second, almost identical event, used a different logic stream to justify completely opposite behavior, would you want to associate with that person? 

My guess is, if a friend or family member consistently exhibited one or more of these type behaviors, you wouldn’t want to maintain a relationship.  You’d likely walk away and sever the relationship. 

Then why, when politicians exhibit the same behaviors, do members of the political party and voters for that party reward them?  Why does unethical behavior in a politician get rewarded and the same behavior from one of your personal friends get punished? 

When I started to write this blog entry, I thought politicians were the problem. I’ve changed my mind. No, politicians are not the problem. The problem is the public. We the public, are acting like idiots. We are rewarding behavior that we despise in others. 

Let’s take voting rights as an example. If elections do not represent the will of the people, then there is no democracy. What are politicians doing to ensure democracy continues?  Republicans are on a rampage to restrict voting rights, primarily the rights of Democrats and mostly members of the black and brown communities. Republican tactics range from extreme gerrymandering to restricting physical voting locations to applying arbitrary limits on the number of absentee ballots. 
While Republican supporters might take glee in such actions, what do these Republicans supporters think will result? Yes, the House and Senate will become controlled by Republicans and then the president and can appoint more hard-right justices to SCOTUS. 
With such a majority, what is likely to happen? Past behavior is a great predictor of future behavior.  And past behavior of Republicans has been remarkably consistent.  There is no reason to expect a change.  

With such a Republican majority what will come out of Washington is a range of legislation, including:  

  1. Another tax cut justified as “trickle-down” economics to help the middle class.  Trickle-down economics is BS and no empirical evidence exists to support the theory.  The tax cut will be a wealth transfer to the already rich and super rich. 
  1. Likely cuts to “entitlements,” you know the “entitlements” titled Social Security, Medicare and some other benefits that you paid for.  
  1. Cut in funding or elimination of programs to address global warming.  The impact of these cutbacks won’t be evident for a few years so the politicians will have retired and won’t get blamed.  Now, think about who’s going to suffer from the cutbacks?  Your children and especially your grandchildren. 
  1. Cuts in funding for public education because all good Republicans know “public education is inefficient.”  The funds will be transferred to private schools, which most people can’t afford even with subsidies.   And, FYI, public education is efficient.  

So Republican voters and self-proclaimed patriots, what will these Republican legislators do for you? Nothing but make your life worse. 
I know you don’t believe me. So, why not decide for yourself.  A good first step would be to take a real hard look at how Republican legislation since Ronald Reagan has benefitted the vast majority of Americans.  Look at middle-class incomes adjusted for inflation and middle-class wealth as a percent of the total wealth.  Then compare the percentage of middle-class wealth to the wealth of the top 2-3% of US households.  

If the discrepancies are not obvious, take another look.  My friend you have been hoodwinked by the Republican Party. 
You have been fed buffalo chips for 40+ years. If you want a bigger pile of buffalo chips, then continue to cheer for the unethical behavior of Republicans, especially those in the Senate.  Those who refuse to support the right to vote for all Americans.  Those who claim to help the middle class when in fact they are hurting the middle-class economically.  Those who claim to be concerned about the well-being of Americans and take actions that do just the opposite. 
I agree that Republicans are not the only members who qualify for unethical behavior. Senators Manchin and Sinema qualify as well.  50 Republicans in the Senate along with Manchin and Sinema do not want a democracy.  By voting for the current slate of Republicans, you are enabling them to destroy the democracy.  And you are getting nothing in return. 
Seems like a good deal – give up a lot and get nothing in return. Hope you’re happy with the outcome when your Social Security and Medicare benefits get cut when Republicans claim “the deficit is too large and we can’t afford all those entitlements.”  The Republicans will forget to mention the reason the deficit is so high is because the wealthy are not remotely paying their fair share of taxes.  

I’ll state once again, maybe it is time to step back and ask yourself, “Are these the kind of people I want to associate with and to have such control over my life?” END #436

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