Welcome to a discussion about the upcoming 5th Revolution in the US, which I’ve titled the “Revenge Revolution.” For more about the Revenge Revolution and the author, Entry #1 Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US. Entry #430 was the most recent “sense check.”

BEGIN ENTRY #456: A new third-party presidential-candidate team was announced yesterday – Liz Cheney and Snoopy will be the ticket of Do-Something Party.

Liz Cheney

During the press conference announcing the ticket, the candidates stressed, if elected, they will function as co-presidents, switching between president and vice president roles on a regular basis.

When asked why the co-presidents designation, Cheney said, “We thought it best for the country if we capitalize on each other’s strengths. I know how Capitol Hill works and other operations inside the Beltway. Snoopy is an internationally recognized figure who understands philosophy and how to deal with all kinds of people.

The pair indicated their platform will be a combination of fiscal conservatism and social liberalism, citing the position of many moderate Republicans and Democrats before the extremist took over  both parties. According to Snoopy, “We think it’s time to bring the country back together. No more zero-some game stuff and viewing the other party as the enemy.“


Reaction to the announcement from Trump and his supporters was swift and vicious. Trump tweeted “Despite Cheney’s voting‘s record, she’s always been a RINO. And now she’s gone to the dogs.”

Democrats were more measured in their response. The head of the party noted, “An interesting and formidable team.  Liz proved her mettle in the January 6 hearings. And, well, you can’t say enough about Snoopy. A long and stellar career. We wish them the best.“

Public reaction to the announcement has been extremely positive, especially among moderates and independents. A typical reaction, “Finally, some people who can help bring us back together as a country and get something done. Maybe Cheney and Snoopy can help prevent another revolution.“

The Do-Something Party is in the process of registering in all 50 states. Based on the responses from voters so far, registration seems likely.

No announcement was made about the Do-Something Party offering separate candidates for the Federal House and Senate, or whether the party would simply support candidates from Republicans or Democrats.  More announcements to come. (Wouldn’t it be great if the announcement were true?) END ENTRY #456

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