I started this blog in 2013 after accidentally discovering a pattern that “revolutions” occur in the US about every 50 years. Some of the revolutions were armed – Civil War, for example – and some were cultural – changes following significant immigration in the early 20th Century. The revolution occurring in the late 1960s/early 1970s was a bit of both. 

Based on the 50-year cycle, Revolution V should begin roughly between 2020–2025. Are we on track? (For more about the revolutions and the author, Entry #1.)

I haven’t written for a couple of weeks awaiting information from events that seemingly would help answer the question.  In addition to the anticipated events, there were some surprises.  In no particular order, the following is a partial list of events that should help determine if Revolution V, aka the Revenge Revolution, is on track .

  1. More mass shootings, including another killing at a grammar school.  This time in Nashville, Tennessee. Three students, all under age 10 and three staff members were killed.  The killer, a lady in her 20’s, entered by shooting open a door that had been locked, supposedly to protect students and staff. So much for safety measures.
  2. Tennessee House, led by Republicans, expelling two black legislators for…can you imagine this…joining a group of students who were demanding legislators enact gun safety legislation.  The temerity of those students! The Tennessee Speaker of the House claimed the two legislators joining the young protesters was worse than the actions of the insurrectionists who invaded the US Capitol January 6. I guess the speaker believes the South shall rise again!
  3. North Carolina legislators eliminating any restrictions on carrying concealed weapons and eliminating any requirements for training with a handgun. The NC Republicans claimed lifting the restrictions would help protect citizens, including those in situations similar to the Tennessee school shooting. Yes, if only those 2nd and 3rd graders had a pistol in their backpacks everything would have been OK.
  4. Federal judge in Texas ruling that the FDA had neither the authority to approve nor did it follow the proper protocol in approving a drug taken orally that terminates pregnancies. Just because the drug has been on the market for 26 years, has been tested worldwide, and there are more than 100 peer-reviewed clinical studies confirming safety, the Trump–appointed judge knows more than scientists in the field. Wanna bet he never got beyond high-school chemistry?  The judge was nice enough to incorporate in the formal ruling some of the plaintiff’s inflammatory and misleading language.   Great to see such a fair and impartial judge.  Fortunately, a judge in Washington State made a different ruling that likely will result in the case going before SCOTUS.
  5. Speaking of SCOTUS, Politico reported that for more than 20 years Justice Clarence Thomas has failed to report substantial gifts to him and/or his spouse.  At least one of these gifts had an estimated value of $500,000.  How many different people or groups provided gifts is not yet known.  At least one person who regularly provided substantial gifts is a major contributor to the Republican Party. In response to the report, Thomas claimed, but without any documentation, that other justices had told him reporting such gifts was not required. Really?  I guess Thomas can’t read because the law says otherwise. Such gifts are required.  BTW, Clarence, I’ve got this bridge for sale that goes between Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Attractive price. Wanna buy it?
  6. And, oh yes, the Donald. Trump must be honored to be the first US president indicted. A mere 34 felony counts charged by the Manhattan DA. Since the Donald loves publicity, there are many more charges coming. A different court case in New York City this week, which includes a possible rape charge.  Soon likely indictments from the New York State AG and a different set of charges from the Fulton County Georgia DA. All those cases are substantially broader than the Manhattan case. The Donald will get a lot of miles on the plane and oh, all that wonderful publicity.

Well, that’s the partial list. If you don’t think the US is in the beginning stages of Revolution V, not sure what is required to change your mind. More to come.

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