(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning.)

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Scene: Washington, DC, White House  (POTUS is acronym for President of the United States)

Jordan:     “Mr. President, I’ve been asked by the leaders of the revolution to present the following offer. You call a special election for all House and Senate seats and the revolutionaries will put down their arms.

white-house-clip-art1POTUS:    “I can’t do that. I’ll need approval of Congress and then the Supreme Court.”

Jordan:    “Look, I am not a constitutional lawyer. But what you have now is a non-functioning government and no real constitution. Without the special election the fighting is going to spread. And more people are joining the cause each day.”

POTUS:    “What you are telling me is I have no choice.”

Jordan:     “Oh, you have a choice. Call the special election or face more chaos.”

POTUS:     “And what about my legacy?”

Jordan:    “My guess is you stand a good chance of being re-elected…if you commit to certain programs.”

POTUS:     “Are you serious? Re-elected?”

Jordan:    “You are not the primary issue. Yes, people are frustrated with you but the real issue is the obstructionists in the House and Senate and some whackos at the state level.”

POTUS:    “Are you saying the special election would apply to governors and state representatives as well? Federal and state?”

Jordan:    “Yes. If I did not mention states, my apologies.”

POTUS:    “How long between the announcement and the election?”

Jordan:    “Six weeks.”

POTUS:    “Huh? Six weeks? How are we going to pull that off?”

Jordan:    “All the systems for elections are in place. Part of the problem in the past is too much campaigning. Too long for candidates and too much time for special interests to bribe candidates.”

POTUS:    “Who is going to fund the campaigns?”

Jordan:    “Taxpayers. No outside money. Repeat, no outside money.”

POTUS:    “Calling a special election is a big problem. I’ll need time.”

Jordan:    “Pardon me for interrupting, Mr. President, here is the deal. Call a special election with a vote in six weeks. You have two hours to make a decision.”

POTUS:    “I’ll need to get support of the Supreme Court. Otherwise, the election will have no legitimacy.”

Jordan:    “Well, call the Chief Justice and have him get the court together. Meet with the court today and lay out the options. The clock is ticking. I’ll be back tomorrow for your answer, Mr. President.”