(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning.)

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(POTUS is acronym for President of the United States)

Scene: next day, Oval Office

POTUS: “OK, Jordan, we need to talk.”

white-house-clip-art1Jordan: “Good morning, Mr. President.”

POTUS: “Right. Good morning, Jordan. OK, here’s the deal. A special election is OK given the unusual circumstances. But we need to make a couple of changes.”

Jordan: “I’m listening.”

POTUS: “Eight weeks, not six. And we need to separate elections for state legislators, which can be a couple of days after the Federal elections.”

Jordan: “Anything else?”

POTUS: “Yes. There needs to be a cease fire between now and the elections. Everyone needs to calm down before the elections.”

Jordan: “What about an announcement?”

POTUS: “I’ll go on TV tonight and make the announcement. I plan to meet with leaders of the House and Senate this afternoon. The Chief justice will be there with me. Are you guys in the deal?”

Jordan: “Eight weeks is OK. We would rather have the election done right. What about the military?”

POTUS: “They will be directed to keep both sides at bay. If there are some problems in certain locales, we will send in troops. Some of the local police are OK but others are too biased.”

Jordan: “Let me make a phone call but I think you have a deal.”

Jordan: (Following call) “Mr. President, we have a deal with one addition.”

POTUS: “What’s the add?”

Jordan: “I sit with your chief of staff for the next eight weeks. Just to observe. Our group trusts you but not some key members of the House and Senate and some other staffers.”

POTUS: “Fair enough. I don’t like it but I understand. OK we better get started. Lots of work to do and very little time. Roll up your sleeves Jordan, here we go.”