(Readers: Please note the blog about the 5th revolution in the US is constructed as a story. While not all chapters are linked, I think the story will be more meaningful by starting at the beginning.)

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(POTUS is acronym for President of the United States)

Scene: The White House, Oval Office.  Day after the special election.

POTUS: “Jordan, good morning. I was re-elected, but not by much.”

Jordan: “Congratulations, Mr. President. And now you have a different Congress.”

POTUS: “Do we ever. Interesting combination. Many centrists won, Republicans and Democrats. The fringes of both parties suffered major setbacks.”

Jordan: “Why do you think centrists won the majority?”

POTUS: “The short time between the announcement and the election took away much of the influence of special-interest groups.”

Jordan: “Seems like a good lesson for regular elections. Shorten up the time between calling for an election and voting.”

POTUS: “Are suggesting we start calling for elections rather than having scheduled ones as we do now?”

Jordan: “Had not really thought about it — the idea just came out. But the approach seems to work in many other countries.”

POTUS: “I like the idea of shortening the time between the primaries and the general election.”

Jordan: “I think most people would support that…other than maybe the groups that get all the campaign dollars. While we’re at it, one other change we should consider – we should fund elections with public money.”

POTUS: “That’s contrary to the Citizen’s United case.”

Jordan: “True, but that was one of the worst decisions by any Supreme Court. With this new Congress you have a good chance to have all federal elections publicly financed.”

POTUS: “You really think so?”

Jordan: “If you do not push for legislation now, there may never be another chance…at least in our lifetimes.”

POTUS: “What about state and local elections?”

Jordan: “Once Federal elections are funded using public funds, state and local will follow. Candidates and the electorate will begin demanding it.”

POTUS: “Speaking of candidates, do you think public funding will affect the quality of the candidates?”

Jordan: “Yes, and all for the better. With all due respect, Mr. President, one has to be crazy to run for office under the current system.”

POTUS: “Jordan, no offense taken. I agree.

Jordan    “Think about all the time spent raising money. Let’s be honest. If I give you a big check, I expect something in return.”

POTUS: “I know. Even the most well-intentioned candidate gets corrupted by contributions. It is very hard to make an objective decision when the outcome might affect negatively one of your major donors.”

Jordan: “And the donors know that. I don’t blame the donor. We…collective we…have allowed the system to become corrupt. Maybe corrupted is a better word.”

POTUS: “Corrupt is more accurate.”

Jordan: “If we agree the system needs to be fixed, then we need to get a bill ready for the new Congress.”

POTUS: “We have two weeks before the session begins. I want to present the idea to the public before the opening session to put pressure on for passage.”

Jordan: “Good. This revolution might have some real benefits for the real people of this country.”

POTUS: “Thanks for all your help Jordan. OK if I call you again?”

Jordan: “It would be an honor, Mr. President.”