Scene: Dairy Queen near the office. Young lady, about age 21, is behind the counter and waits on Jordan.

Young Lady: “Hi.  Nice to see you again.”

Jordan: “You remember me?”

DQYL: Of course.  You get the mini-Blizzard with chocolate chunks and peanuts.  Is that what you want?”

Jordan: “Yes, but how do you remember that?”

YL: “Because for some reason we cannot put that combination in the computer.  And I just remember that kinda stuff.”

Jordan: “How many orders do you take in a day?  I still can’t believe you remembered.”

YL: “I don’t know how many orders…but I only work here part-time.”

Jordan: “What else do you do?”

YL: “Work in warehouse during the day.  Then work here a couple of nights and Sunday.”

Jordan: “Doesn’t that cramp your social life?”

YL: “What social life?”

happy-red-head-girl-with-glasses-mdJordan: “By the way, what’s that paper you have?  New procedures for DQ?”

YL: “I’m studying for my math class.”

Jordan: “You go to school, too?”

YL: “Yes.  Studying to be a nurse.”

Jordan: “Let me guess.  Carrying a full load.”

YL: “You got it.”

Jordan: “When do you sleep?”

YL: “I manage.”

Jordan: “Two jobs – one full-time – and going to school.  Very impressive.  I wish more people were as ambitious as you.”

YL: “Thanks for the compliment.”

Jordan: “You know what?  You will be successful at whatever you try.  In fact, DQ should crown you queen right now.”

cartoon-queen-crown-hiYL: “That’s funny.  The DQ Queen.”

Jordan: (bowing) “Yes, your highness.”

YL: “Here’s your Blizzard.  (She turns upside down, a DQ tradition.)  Hope you enjoy it.”

Jordan: “Oh, I will.  And promise to keep up the hard work, especially school.”

YL: “Will do.  Come back soon.”