Scene: post High Holy Days, Jordan having coffee with JC.

JC: “So Jordan, did you get me in the “Book of Life’ for another year?”

122813_1403_12ThePoundD1.jpgJordan:  “It was a tough sell but I think so.   Not my decision, of course.”

JC:  “Thanks for trying.   Anything inspirational from the rabbis?”

Jordan:  “I can sense a bit of sarcasm in your voice…but yes.”

JC:  “Look, I’m not into religion as much as you are.”

Jordan:  “I’d hardly characterize myself as ‘into religion’ as you call it.”

JC:  “Well, do you go to services regularly?”

Jordan:  “Mostly.”

JC:  “Keep kosher don’t you?”

Jordan:  “As best I can.  Call it kosher light.”

JC:  “Like I said, you’re into religion.”

Jordan:  “C’mon.   You and I both know my behavior hardly qualifies as ‘into religion’ as you call it.”

JC:  “Alright, but what inspirational message came from the clergy?”

Jordan:  “A couple of messages from different sermons had the same underlying message.”

JC:  “Which was?”

Jordan:  “Choices.   That as individuals we make choices that affect our lives.”

JC:  “Are you saying we have control over our own destiny?”

Jordan:  “To a large extent.   We do control much of our destiny with the choices we make.”

JC:  “What about stuff we can’t control, like some weird accident?”

Jordan:  “Out of our hands but we still have choices after the accident.”

JC:  “What if someone is killed?   What choice does he or she have? ”

Jordan:  “The person who died might not have a choice but family and friends have a choice.”

JC:  “I grant you most people don’t die in an accident especially accidents in which they contributed in no way.”

Jordan:  “And most people have some time before they die, even the very ill.”

JC:  “But what are the choices about?

bucket-mdJordan:  “You know how people have a bucket list of places they want to visit or things they want to do before they die?”

JC:  “Yes.”

Jordan:  “Same idea but with relationships.”

JC:  “Jordan, you losing your memory?”

Jordan:  “A little probably, but why?”

JC:  “We had a similar conversation last year after I went to the high-school reunion.  Remember?”

Jordan:  “Right…and the table with the list of people who had died.”

JC:  “Scary.   Way too many for our age.   If you recall…and I am beginning to wonder… I said we need to tell people how we feel about them.”

Jordan:  “I do remember.  Good advice.   The sermons this year…”

JC:  “…Please call them something other than sermons.   The idea of sermons gives me the creeps.”

Jordan:  “OK.  One of the rabbis and one of the cantors emphasized that one has a choice, especially over self-behavior.”

JC:  “If I hear you right, then we…individually…have a choice how we conduct ourselves in good times and bad times.”

Jordan:  “You got it.  Simple, huh?” JC:  “Simple to understand…but hard to execute.  And it took 10 Days of Awe to figure that out?”

Life shortJordan:  “Now, now.   Let’s not be cynical again.”

JC:  “I know.  Just such an easy opening and I could not resist.  By the way, I do appreciate you trying to get me in the Book of Life.  I really do.”

Jordan: “You’re welcome.  Let’s make the most of this next year.”