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Scene: Jordan having dinner with Ms., a long-time friend.

122913_1337_14BringingU2.pngJordan: (lifting his wine glass) “Great to see you again.”

Ms.: “Nice to see you, Jordan.  Here’s to a long friendship.”

Jordan: “Seems as if we have known each other forever.”

Ms.: “Almost forever…and some interesting times.”

Jordan: “Before we get too far into the evening, how’s Maggie.  Still in Newport?”

Womens symbolMs.: “Yes, although not sure how long.  Like we all have experienced, she’s in one of those rocky periods right now.  Hope she makes it.”

Jordan: “Me, too.  And speaking of Rocky.”

Ms.: “Rocky who?”

Jordan: “Let me back up a bit and put Rocky in context.”

Ms.: “OK, you talk and I’m going to sip my wine.”

torahClipJordan: “Last weekend I was reading Torah and got this idea.”

Ms.: “You got an idea when doing what?”

Jordan: “Reading Torah.”

Ms.: “This idea ought to be good.  I’m listening.”

Jordan: “Well, I was reading the commentary in Genesis.”

Ms.: “You read the commentary as well?  You are into this stuff.  OK not more snide comments.”

Jordan: “Since we are early in the New Year, the weekly reading (parsha) is still Genesis.  One of the comments noted that mankind was different from all the other creatures on earth because man could reason and make choices.”

Ms.: “What’s controversial about that?  Seems logical to me.”

questionJordan: “What if animals could reason.  What if man…men and women…were not the only ones who could reason?”

Ms.: “One thing’s for certain.  We know men cannot reason.  Anyway, what animals made your list of candidates for reasoning?”

Jordan: “The first animal that came to mind was the squirrel.”

Ms.: “I’ll admit the little creatures are wily, smart, and adaptable.  They don’t seem to do too well against cars.”

Jordan: “Humans don’t do well against cars either.”

Ms.: “Good point.  Any other animals?”

Jordan: “Dolphins and whales have some type of language.  In fact, listen to birds.  They seem to have some type of language.  In fact, the ducks in the back yard must talk to their buddies.  Sometimes there will be 25-30 ducks eating the corn and bird seed.”

Ms.: “So what you’re saying that if some type of language exists, some reasoning might exist.”

Jordan: “Why not?  An animal’s approach to reasoning might be somewhat different from humans.  But seems rather arrogant for humans to think of all the animals, insects and even plants, we are the only ones who can reason.”

Ms.: “And not all humans can reason as proved by the people in Washington.  Even some of the women in Congress can’t reason.”

Jordan: “I realize the idea of animals reasoning seems farfetched…”

bullwinkle1Ms.: “…but feasible.  But if animals can, then we can support a political party headed up by Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose.  I ran into JC the other day and she told me about your Rocky and Bullwinkle conversation.”

Jordan: “Now we have three supporters for the Rocky and Bullwinkle Party.  Here’s a toast to Rocky the Squirrel and all his cousins.”

Ms.: “Hear, hear.  To Rocky.”

(To be continued with a more serious topic, although this topic does seem serious to me.)