(Readers: The entries in the blog center around the author’s prediction that the US will experience a 5th revolution by 2020-2025.  Some early vignettes precede the revolution; later vignettes follow the revolution.  Many characters appear regularly.  More about the blog and the author.)

(Scene: Jordan and Ms. having dinner. Conversation continues.)

Ms.: “Alright, now that we’ve elected Rocky as president and Bullwinkle as vice-bullwinkle1president, it’s time to get serious.”

Jordan: “Serious about what?  I’m afraid to ask.”

Ms.: “You don’t need to be afraid of me Jordan.  Serious about human behavior.  Here’s what I would like to know.”

Jordan: “And that is…”

Ms.: “Why are Republicans not grateful?”

Jordan: “Exactly what do you mean?”

Womens symbolMs.: “Exactly what I mean is most Republicans should be called Republicants.”

Jordan: “Are you implying that because Republicans answer to almost every proposal to help the common good is ‘no’ and often ‘hell, no’!  Is that what you’re implying?”

Ms.: “Jordan, sometimes you are smarter than you act.”

Jordan: “Thanks…for what I’m not sure.”

Ms.: “Take health care.  Rather than supporting a Republican-created proposal for broader health care…not even a national health care system but one that would result in increased economic growth…the answer was ‘you people’ – ‘you people’ meaning those of lessor means…cannot have affordable health care.”

Jordan: “What else?”

Mickey-Mouse-fingerMs.: “Voting rights.  For those of you people who have limited means and might for a Democrat, we Republicants are not going to let you vote unless…unless you people have a certain type of ID.”

Jordan: “Republicans are trying to prevent voter fraud.”

Ms.: “Jordan, study after study after study has indicated voter fraud does not exist in this country.  Over the last 50 years there were more people charged with violating bird migratory laws than charged with voter fraud.”

Jordan: “The voter ID laws are designed to be preemptive and avoid future fraud.”

Ms.: “Right.  Maybe Republicants should pass a law preventing dogs from driving cars.  The new driverless car technology will allow people to send their dog to the store and fetch food.  Let’s stop that idea now before those people send their dogs to Starbucks.”

Jordan: “You know what I mean.”

voting-boothMs.: “To show you how far Republicants have gone preventing ‘those people’ from voting, in Texas, the approved ID’s include a gun permit but not an ID from an academic institution.  So some wacko with a gun permit gets to vote and a straight-A student at Texas A&M, a state university, who doesn’t have a driver’s license cannot vote.  Makes sense to me.  C’mon, what are Republicants afraid of?

Jordan: “Ok, so Republicans….”

Ms.: “Please use the proper term, Republicants.”

Jordan: “Voting rights aside, for many programs Republicans do seem to want to tie eligibility to payment of income tax.  If you pay tax, then there is a tax credit available.  If not, there might be some subsidy but with some strings attached.”

Ms.: “What if you do not or cannot earn enough to earn a tax credit, let alone use a tax credit?  For those people…those slouchers and takers, the tax credit is of no value.”

Jordan: “Then those people should get another job and earn more money.”

Ms.:  “Quit being a smartass.  You sound like a Republicant.  Income taxes are not the only taxes people pay.  And where would these people find another job since the CEO’s shipped many of the jobs off shore?”

Jordan: “A few minutes ago you asked why Republicans weren’t more grateful.  More grateful for what?”

Income TaxMs.: “I asked because Republicants don’t even sound grateful for what they have.  Repubicants sound more  hateful than grateful.  Republicants will think I’m crazy but I’m grateful to pay income taxes.”

Jordan: “Why are you happy to pay taxes?”

Ms.: “I said grateful to pay income taxes, not happy.”

Jordan: “OK, grateful.  Why?”

Ms.: “Because paying income taxes means I have enough income for more than my basic needs.”

Jordan: “You sound like a socialist.”

Ms.: “Wakeup, Jordan.  Aren’t you grateful for all you have?”

Jordan: “Yes, I am.”

Ms.: “Then you should be grateful to be able to share.  And that’s what most taxes do – help spread the wealth.”

Jordan: “You said most taxes.  What about the inefficiencies of government?  The private sector is much more efficient.”

Ms.: “Fox News have you brainwashed?  Actually for some projects I agree.  But the idea that the private sector is more efficient for big innovative, high-risk projects, is just BS.”

Jordan: “Agreed.  The private sector doesn’t fund public works projects and very little pure R&D.”

Research_tnbMs.: “Are Republicants supporting programs like – man-to-the-moon, interstate highways, railroads, satellite communication, internet, major medical research?  No.  Why?  Because no clear ROI initially and we want our little company CEO’s to get their bonus.”

Jordan: “Feel better now?”

Ms.: “Not really.  I’m very angry and frustrated that the segment of society with the most education and the most wealth seems to be the least grateful.  And with that kind of attitude the Republicants wonder why there was a revenge revolution.”