(Readers: The assumed chronological date for most of the entries in this blog is after the expected 5th revolution in the US.  For more background about  the expected revolution – labeled the Revenge Revolution – and the author, please view entry #01.)

Jordan: “Helicopter Man, I’m glad you finally realized Republicants true agenda.”

man_with_speechH-Man: “You know, I used to get very angry when you called Republicans the name Republicants.”

Jordan: “Why?  The only thing Republicants mantra was ‘no you can’t’…and, of course, more tax cuts for the wealthy, no matter what the issue.”

H-Man: “At the time I never truly understood what you meant.  Plus, the name Republicants seemed so derogatory, almost bitter.”

Jordan: “Derogatory yes.  Bitter, no.  You know, at one time I voted for more Republicans than Democrats.”

H-Man: “When was that?  Sometime in the Stone Age?  You serious?”

Jordan: “I voted for more Republicans when Republicans had solutions to problems…other than promoting tax cuts.”

H-Man: “Why the switch?”

abraham_lincoln_clip_art_15515Jordan: “I didn’t switch.  The Republicans became the Republicants and walked away from the party of Lincoln, Dirksen, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower.  Republicans quit being problem solvers and started being problem creators.”

H-Man: “It is much easier to criticize than to solve problems.  Leadership is a very difficult job and even more difficult when the paper in front of you is blank.”

Jordan: “The transition to leadership is what I think was catastrophic for Republicans…and caused their ultimate doom.  Plus, unfortunately for the country and the Republicans, the transition was choreographed, but not by the elected officials.”

H-Man: “Now what are you talking about?”

Jordan: “Republican legislation was choreographed in large part by ALEC.”

H-Man: “Is that the American Legislative…uh…Exchange Council?”

Jordan: “Yes.”

H-Man: “You really think ALEC controlled the legislation?”

Jordan: “Absolutely.  ALEC pushed templates for legislation at the Federal and state levels.  All legislators had to do was insert the appropriate name.”

H-Man: “Look, I’ve admitted my mistake in supporting Republicans, but, c’mon, these guys weren’t stupid.”

Jordan: “Which guys, legislators or ALEC?”

H-Man: “Certainly not ALEC.  I never considered most legislators stupid.  Most legislators, at least at the Federal level, have law degrees.”

brainwash1Jordan: “Maybe legislators being brainwashed is a better term…and hear me out.”

H-Man: “OK but why the term brainwashed, especially since you thought part of the electorate was brainwashed into believing Republicans?”

Jordan: “Actually the same reasoning for brainwashing applies to legislators and the electorate.  Lawyers, at least most of the ones I’ve met and worked with, do not understand economics, statistics and mathematics.”

H-Man: “No one ever accused them of being scientists.”

Jordan: “For certain.  I recall the campaign for the 2014 mid-term elections when John Boehner and Mitch McConnell were asked about the cause of global warming.”

H-Man: “Didn’t they say they were not scientists?  At least they were honest.”

Howdy-DoodyJordan: “Except for one thing…and looking like a Howdy Doody puppet with someone pulling their strings.”

H-Man: “What were they dishonest about?”

Jordan: “Disingenuous might be a better term.  Economics is a science…”

H-Man: “…a dismal science by some definitions.”

Jordan: “But for Boehner and McConnell their lack of knowledge of economics did not prevent them from spouting off theories about fiscal and monetary policy.”

H-Man: “Everyone understands economics.  You have to understand it to run a household or a business.”

Jordan: “You, my friend H-Man, might need to go to economics rehab.”

H-Man: “What are you talking about now?”

Jordan: “Your inane statement that the economics running a household or a business can be applied to running a government.”

u-turnH-Man: “Well, what’s wrong with the assumption?”

Jordan: “The assumption is 180 degrees wrong.  Do a U-turn.  The role of government in the economy is exactly the opposite of the role of the household or business.”

H-Man: “Spare me the economics lesson until we can get a coffee refill.  But what you’re claiming is because most legislators do not understand economics, ALEC and some other influencers – talk radio, for example – were able to brainwash legislators and the voters.”

BrainwashedJordan: “Now you are beginning to understand.”

H-Man: “What really surprises me is how many people were fooled…I guess brainwashed.  I mean the Republicans overwhelmed the Democrats in 2014.”

Jordan: “And think about it.  The 2014 elections should have gone to the Democrats.  The economy was getting much better.  Longest string of strong job creation in 30 years, low inflation and strong stock market.  The economy under the Democrats was doing everything the Republicans claim they can do.”

H-Man: “You’re right.  Everything Republicans kept saying was important, the Democrats did.  Yet, the Republicans won big and the Democrats lost big…really big.  Why?”

Jordan: “Some really smart people asked that question.  There was a great addressing that very issue.  I’ll send you the link.” (14 11 06 NYT Triumph of the Wrong)

H-Man: “Thanks.  I’m still puzzled why the Democrats had everything going for them and still lost so much ground.”

Jordan: “That’s why I think the brainwashing theory…give me some latitude on definitions…makes sense.”

H-Man: “So, because so many people lacked knowledge and understanding of economics and statistics, Republicans could make up the truth and sound credible?  If true, you didn’t need empirical data to support your argument since people didn’t chickens-062886understand the underlying principles.”

Jordan: “Making up the truth worked…and worked exceedingly well for Republicans until…”

H-Man: “…yes, until the chickens came home to roost.”

Jordan: “All the made-up theories about economic growth proved false.  People’s real income continued to decline under Republicans.”

H-Man: “But the rich got richer.”

Jordan: “Yes, and the greedy got even more greedy until…”

american-revolution-728714H-Man: “…until the proletariat, as it were, had enough and started the Revenge Revolution to take back America.”

Jordan: “Spoken like a true former Republican.  On that note, let’s get a refill and I’ll give you an economics lesson when we get back.”