(Readers: The assumed chronological date for most of the entries in this blog is after the expected 5th revolution in the US.  For more background about  the expected revolution – labeled the Revenge Revolution – and the author, please view entry #01.)

Scene: Helicopter Man (H-Man) and Jordan continue earlier conversation whether Republicants can transition to Republicans.

H-Man:  “Alright, we have our refill.  You were going to teach me basic economics, man_with_speechwhich I thought I already knew…but apparently not.  I really want to understand why Washington shouldn’t be run like a household.  You said that’s backwards and I want to know why.”

Jordan:  “Hold-on Bubba.  We need to back up a bit.”

H-Man:  “You saying I’m a slow learner?”

Jordan:  “What I’m saying is economics includes lots of statistics, which based on my experience, most people don’t understand.”

H-Man:  “I’m not most people, so try me.”

Jordan:  “Ok, let’s start with one’s background, which has a lot of influence on how one analyzes an issue.”

H-Man:  “Please, not some liberal argument about the alleged disadvantaged.”

Jordan:  “People can believe whatever they want about whether they have an advantage or others are disadvantaged.  But I find it helpful to frame the discussion with some basic statistics.”

H-Man:  “So give me your bleeding heart argument.”

Jordan:  “Bleeding heart or not, one things that continues to baffle me about the Republicans is why they were so ungrateful about their economic lot.  And why are Republicans so resentful of people who are not as advantaged.”

H-Man:  “See, there you go.  Claiming many Republicans don’t really deserve the wealth they’ve accumulated.  Besides I thought we were going to talk about statistics and economics?”

Jordan:  “We are.  And the first lesson is figuring out how lucky we really are…and why we should be grateful.”

occupations_lawyerH-Man:  “Have you turned into some preacher…I mean rabbi?  You know what I mean.  Look, Jordan, many Republicans…and Democrats too…worked very hard to get where they are.  What’s so bad about that?”

Jordan:  “Nothing bad about it.  I’m sure many of them worked very hard.  But let’s put their life…and our life…in proper perspective.  Just imagine everyone is running a marathon.”

H-Man:  “A bit crowded at the starting line, huh?”

Jordan:  “Crowded but the Republicans are not at the starting line.  Republicans have a huge head start.”

H-Man:  “Whadda mean?”

globeJordan:  “What’s the world’s population?”

H-Man:  “Maybe 6-7 billion people.”

Jordan:  “What about the US population?”

H-Man:  “Maybe 350 million.”

Jordan:  “So the US population is a little less than 5% of the world’s total.”

H-Man:  “What are you getting at?  Interesting number but so what?”

Jordan:  “What percent of the US population is white?”

H-Man:  “Where is this headed?”

Jordan:  “I’m asking since most Republicans are white.”

H-Man:  “Call half the US population white.”

Jordan:  “So now we’re talking about 50% of 5%, or 2½%.”

H-Man:  “Yeah, so?”

Jordan:  “So 2½% — 2 to 3 out of every 100 people have a huge head start.”

H-Man:  “If they’re not at the starting line then where do they start?  A little bit ahead or way ahead?”

running raceJordan:  “We know that people in most countries have to run the 26-some miles before they finish.  But Republicans don’t have to run 26 miles; Republicans don’t have to run 15 miles; don’t have to run 5 miles…but less than a mile.  Republicans run Just about 0.6 mile.”

H-Man:  “So you think with such a head start that Republicans should be more grateful.”

Jordan:  “Have you ever wondered why Republicans are so opposed to affordable health care for everyone when most of them already have health care.  Have you ever wondered why Republicans insist on a tax cut/credit to solve almost every other issue?  If you really think about it, what do Republicans gain…or what did they try to gain…with such positions?”

SlackardH-Man:  “I guess Republicans were trying to motivate others.  Motivate all the slackards that don’t pay any tax.”

Jordan:  “H-man, you need to go to economics rehab.  Both of your statements are tired…and frankly wrong.”

H-Man:  “The statements are true.  About half the US population doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes.”

Jordan:  “I agree with that statement…but which half does it apply to?  Many wealthy people pay far below their fair share.  Second, how many lower-income people have you met that are truly slackards?”

H-Man:  “I confess, not many.  If truth be known, the most slackards that I do know are living off trust funds.  But, Jordan, you still sound like some socialist.”

Jordan:  “Socialist, no.  Progressive, yes.  But a lot of other people must be progressive since they joined the Revenge Revolution.”

H-Man:  “I hear you.  I still don’t understand why people are so progressive.”

Jordan:  “OK, let me lay out some more basic economics.  First of all, the term progressive is promoted by Republicans as something negative.”

H-Man:  “What do you think progressive really means?”

CongressJordan:  “Start with the role of government.  What should government do?”

H-Man:  “Protect citizens against domestic violence and foreign invaders.  Provide infrastructure to help commerce.  Provide a fair system for commerce.  And I guess help manage the economy so citizens don’t all their savings.  And probably some other stuff.”

Jordan:  “Good start on the list.  Lots of common sense items.  So how can government help manage the economy?”

H-Man:  “I said operate like a household but you said I was wrong.  Why?  Why is it so wrong when it seems so right?”

Jordan:  “Part of why your wrong is background and part of why you’re wrong is incredibly simple but not obvious…but it will be obvious right after we get another refill.

(To be continued)