(Readers: The blog centers around the author’s prediction that the US will experience a 5th revolution by 2020-2025.  Some early vignettes precede the revolution; later vignettes follow the revolution.  Many characters appear regularly.  More about the blog and the author.)

Scene:  Jordan talking to son (Steve) of a long-time friend.

Son of Friend:  “Mr. Abel, I need some advice.”

Jordan:  “The first piece of advice is call me Jordan, and not Mr. Abel.”

Young manSon of Friend:  “Yes, sir.”

Jordan:  “Excuse me, Stevie, no more ‘mister,’ no more ‘sir,’ just Jordan.  Got it?”

Stevie:  “Yes, sir…I mean Jordan.  You know it is hard for me to call older people by their first names, especially friends of my parents.”

Jordan:  “I understand.  I had the same training as you did.  I appreciate the show of respect but we are in the real business world so Jordan is fine.”

Stevie:  “OK, Jordan.”

Jordan:  “Now you got it.  How may I help, Stevie?  I mean Steve.  I’ve known your pTurtleneckarents for a long time.  And, you’ve always been Stevie to me.  But no more.  Now you’re Steve.  We’re even on names.”

Steve:  “Even.  According to my parents…and my research…you’ve worked at very large companies, start-up companies and even consulted for government.  I’m trying to decide where I should work.”

Jordan:  “First, you should find a job where you can contribute…and have fun.”

Steve:  “What about a job where I can make the most money?”

Jordan:  “Alright but let’s talk about what are the most important things to you?  And Money-clip-artby things I don’t mean material objects – like cars, or clothes.”

Steve:  “I’m not sure what’s most important.  Never really thought about it.”

Jordan:  “Now might be a good time to start.  But don’t feel bad.  A lot of people go through life and never really understand what’s Important to them.”

Steve:  “So you’re suggesting I find a job that I really like?”

Jordan:  “Yes.  I know this is a cliché but life is too short to spend time being unproductive…and being unhappy.”

Steve:  “I’d like to be productive and have fun…but what about the money?  I want to make lots of money….at least I think I do.”

Jordan:  “Let’s back up and first think about what’s really important to you.  Then, if making lots of money is on the important list, find a job where you can make lots of checklistmoney.  My guess is, if you are true to yourself, there will be some items before to get to the money part…and money might not be on the list.”

Steve:  “Odd that you say money won’t be on the list.  Was it on your list?”

Jordan:  “Want to know the truth?  It’s never been on my list.”

Steve:  “But you’ve been successful financially.  No the richest guy around but living very comfortably.”

Jordan:  “You’re right.  Funny, but for me money has always been there.  Never worried about it and never really thought about it.”

Steve:  “C’mon, really?”

Jordan:  “Don’t misinterpret my comments.  Maybe I should phrase them differently.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before but money does not buy you happiness.”

Steve:  “You sound like my mother.  I know if I had lots of money I would be happy.”

Jordan:  “Would you really be happy with lots of money?  You know some people whose families have lots of money.  Are they all happy?”

Sroyalty-free-cell-phone-clipart-illustration-1067376teve:  “Well, not really.  Even the kids are not happy.  They always seem to want more.”

Jordan:  “And do you know people who don’t have a lot of money who are very happy?”

Steve:  “Yes.  Mmmm, now I see what you mean.  Like I said, never really thought about it before.”

Jordan:  “We are making progress.”

Steve:  “But, let’s go back to my original question.  Where should I try to get a job?  Large company, small company, start-up…or even government.  My dad would shoot me but I could work for government.  Really, Jordan, what’s the difference among these groups?”

JResearch_tnbordan:  “What I am about to say might sound illogical but most of the difficulty in making an organization effective has nothing to do with the size of the organization…or the product …or the service?”

Steve:  “Really?  What causes most of the problems?”

Jordan:  “People.  People make or break an organization.  Doesn’t matter  if we’re talking about the local ice cream stand, a giant auto company, a software company or a government agency.  It’s people.”

Steve:  “Are you saying the problems are about the same in all organizations?  Doesn’t matter if they are large or small?  Private or public?  Start-up or 100 years old?”

Jordan:  “Exactly.  The only difference in a small organization and a large organization zeros-2br85lzis the number of zeros on the income statement.  Big companies and big government have lots of zeros and small companies don’t have many zeros.  But they all have one thing in common….”

Steve:  “…people.  Now you have my head spinning.  I need to take a break and think about this.  Thanks, Mr. Abel…I mean Jordan.”