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Scene: Jordan and JC having coffee.

010414_1635_16TeachingS1.jpgJC:  “So Jordan, you don’t look so good.  What’s wrong?”

Jordan:  “That’s what I like about you JC, always the diplomat.”

JC:  “Well, you do look like crap.  Besides getting old, what else is wrong?”

Jordan:  “Nothing really.”

JC:  “C’mon.  You know I won’t buy that.  What’s happened?”

TurtleneckJordan:  “Just one of those periods between projects.  You know, like between semesters.”

JC:  “You mean you are pumped up for exams, then have a letdown right afterwards?”

Jordan:  “Yea, you might say so.”

JC:  “Since both of us have been out of school for a long time, probably need a better analogy.  Maybe like having sex is a more appropriate analogy.”

Jordan:  “This sounds much more interesting.  Tell me more.”

balloon-popping-with-bang-text-pvJC:  “You know how you get all pumped up ahead of time, then sort of deflated afterwards.  You having that kind of feeling?”

Jordan:  “You have a way with words like no one else I know.”

JC:  “That’s what you pay me for.  Now, how ‘bout you get me another cup of coffee and then we get serious about what’s wrong.”

Jordan:  “Get me a cup of coffee, please.”

JC:  “Yes, mother.  Please.”

(Jordan gets coffee refills.)

Jordan:  “Here’s your coffee.  Okay, shoot.”

JC:  “You know what I think?”

Jordan:  “What?”

JC:  “I think your funk has nothing to do with what you told me.  There is something else bothering you.”

Jordan:  “You’re right.”

JC:  “So, what is it already?”

Jordan:  “We’re the last ones standing.  We’re alone.”

man on benchJC:  “No, no, no, no.  Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?”

Jordan:  “Probably.”

JC:  “When did it happen?  And why didn’t you call me?”

Jordan:  “It happened about a week ago.”

JC:  “I’m sorry.  Very sorry.”

Jordan:  “And I didn’t call because you because of all the trauma you’ve been through lately.”

JC:  “But I want to be there at times like this.  What happened?”

Jordan:  “He’s been ill for several years.  The diagnosis was Lyme disease.”

JC:  “I knew Lyme made you sick but I never knew it was fatal.”

Jordan:  “I didn’t think so either but he got progressively worse.”

JC:  “How bad was it?”

Jordan:  “The progression was more like ALS.  Completely incapacitated at the end.”

JC:  “That’s horrible.  How’s the family handling it?”

Jordan:  “My brother’s death was no surprise given the deteriorating condition.  But it’s the finality that is hard to absorb.”

JC:  “Didn’t he and Tappy raise a couple of grandkids?”

Jordan:  “Yes.”

JC:  “How are the grandkids doing?”

sad-face4Jordan:  “Having a very tough time.  You know what it’s like to lose a parent at a young age.”

JC:  “Do I ever.  And I’ll tell you, I’ve never gotten over it.”

Jordan:  “So now, JC, you and I are the last two in our families that are still standing.”

JC:  “I know and I don’t like it.  Makes me feel old.  And depressed.”

hug_1_cJordan:  “Tell me about it.”

JC:  “Now I see why you look like crap.  Come here, let me give you a hug.”