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Enough of being politically correct, already. It’s going to make the country turn to mush.

Mush: 1. A thick porridge or pudding of cornmeal boiled in water or milk; 2. Something thick, soft, and pulpy.

The following is a classic case of stupid is as stupid does.

What’s the case? Recently members of the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma sang some songs and made some statements on a private bus following a party. Some of the words were not polite and some of the members chanted phrases that most would consider racist.

Were the chants directed at anyone directly? Was anyone threatened? Since the only those on the bus heard the chants, an emphatic “no.”

What turned the event into a classic case of “stupid is as stupid does” began after the bus trip.  Someone on the bus took a video, then posted the video on the web. A few people saw the video.  Someone in the initial viewing group took offense.  The video went viral and then “stupid is as stupid does” took over.

king-solo-hiThe self-proclaimed king of political correctness, the president of University of Oklahoma, lept into action. The PC king of UofOK thought it was okay to expel two students for remarks made in private. Has the OK king heard of the 1st Amendment?

Following closely behind the OK king was SAE headquarters, which closed the chapter house and ordered everyone out of the fraternity house. And, of course, the OK king refused to have the university assist in finding housing.

The OK king insisted publicly the students must pay for what they did wrong. Alright, most everyone agrees some of the comments were lewd, insensitive and even stupid. Hey, we’re talking about college students, who probably had too much to drink…but were at least smart enough to rent a bus.

BTW, OK king, aren’t you the head of a large public education institution?  How are Black School Teacheryou setting an example by making this event a teachable moment? Unless the world has changed, I thought universities were for education. Do you know anyone…and I mean anyone…who went to through four years of college and didn’t say or do something stupid?

Should there be some consequences for poor judgment? Sure. But make the consequence something that will lead to improvement. Why not have the SAE members complete a community service project with the black fraternity? There are lots of good ideas.

The kind of punishment mandated by the OK king is likely going to have the opposite effect – the punishment is going to divide society further. Plus, the punishment could create legal problems for the University of Oklahoma.

In an interview on PBS news (March 11, 2015), the OK king took political correctness one step farther by suggesting all fraternities should have a broader mix of ethnic backgrounds for members. C’mon pal. I’m now required to have a quota for my friends?

Let’s turn this situation around. If blacks were supposedly intimidated by whites chanting on the bus, where no one else could hear them, then what about whites who claim to be threatened by the presence of black students? Should the black students be expelled?

backwards-dayThe back aswards logic is a very slippery slope and pits one segment of society against one another, rather than bringing segments together. I guess next time I go to synagogue, I’ll bring some Christians, Muslims and Hindus to make sure the group is balanced ethnically.

Do we…societal we…need to respect one another? Yes. But let’s be realistic about people’s behavior and attitudes. Be careful about being holier than now.

How does this commentary fit into the theme of the blog? When I started the blog, I thought the Revenge Revolution would be driven primarily by economic factors. While economic factors will play a major influence, I’ve shifted my thinking. The Revenge Revolution will be driven also by the unintended consequences of the desire to have everyone be politically correct…and then people will wake up and decide they don’t want to be like mush.