Scene: Continuation of conversation between Jordan and JC, a long-time friend.  Conversation centers on themes for government policies following Revenge Revolution.  Jordan and JC have agreed to a deadline of this evening to complete the work.  When finished, Jordan will schedule a review with POTUS.  Conversation begins Entry #131.

Background: JC and Jordan concluded that the standard measure for future government policies should be ‘treat thy neighbor as thyself.’  This entry is a continuation whether the standard is appropriate for corporate policy and uses behavior of Disney as an example. (Original article 15 06 03 NYT Disney Layoffs)

Note: June 16 Disney abruptly and with little explanation cancelled layoffs of 35 tech workers.  The cancellation is encouraging even though prompted by a public outcry following the first NYT article.  (NYT 15 06 16 Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs).  This Blog Entry was written before Disney cancelled the layoffs.  I decided to retain the original wording as an example of how the public might react to behavior similar to Disney’s. 

JC:  “OK, time to get started again.  We were talking about behavior by Disney – the company, not Walt – and some visa virus.”

Jordan:  ”You mean the H1-B visa.”

010414_1635_16TeachingS1.jpgJC:  “That’s what I said.  Sounds like a virus.  And from the way Disney used the H1-B, it might be a virus.”

Jordan:  “H1-B is a visa classification that allows companies to bring to the United States high-tech workers when there are not enough Americans available to fill the jobs available.”

JC:  “Are these H1-B virus people mostly computer geeks?  Say for work at Apple, Microsoft, Google and the like?  Is that what they are?”

Jordan:  “H1-B jobs at those companies ae the most visible.  But Disney has some high-tech requirements.”

JC:  “I’ll buy that but Disney had a high-tech staff already working to meet those needs.”

TurtleneckJordan:  “You’re right.  American workers were filling those jobs at Disney.”

JC:  “So, now Disney hires foreign workers using a special visa because supposedly no American workers are available.  Right?”

Jordan:  “That’s my understanding.”

JC:  “Then Disney fires the workers who supposed weren’t there?  Right?”

Jordan:  “You’re two for two.”

JC:  “Is what Disney did legal?  I mean their actions seem exactly opposite of the intent of the visa.”

Jordan:  “I agree with you.  I’m 99% certain what they did was never intended when the legislation was drafted.  Their actions might be illegal but…”

PoliceJC:  “…but they did it anyway and no one is prosecuting them.  When is it going to stop?”

Jordan:  “Well, we had the Revenge Revolution so there is hope.  Let’s go back to our standard.  If we…societal we…begin to encourage companies to set policy based on ‘treat thy neighbor as thyself,’ would Disney still have imported workers from wherever it was, India, Pakistan?”

JC:  “Adding insult to injury, Disney effectively forces the existing tech workers to train the virus workers.”

Jordan:  “You mean the H1-B visa.”

virus_4-999pxJC:  “OK, visa.  But the H1-B has become a virus.  You know what galls me even more?”

Jordan:  “Hard to imagine.  What?”

JC:  “When a Disney shareholder…a shareholder mind you…asked the Disney CEO why they replaced the American workers, you know what the CEO said?”

Jordan:  “No.”

JC:  “We have not broken any laws.”

Jordan:  “That’s it?”

JC:  “There was some other mumbo jumbo that followed but all supporting the legal argument.”

Jordan:  “Any comments about ethics?”

JC:  “None.  The guy is a real a-hole.  Where’s Uncle Walt when you need him?”

sad-face4Jordan:  “Turned over in his grave, shedding a tear.  He can’t stand to watch.”

JC:  “See what I mean that h!-B is like a virus.  Makes me ill.”

Jordan:  “You’re right.  H1-B is more like a virus.  Whadda do when you have a virus?”

JC:  “Try to eradicate the cause.  It’s easy to blame Congress for now wording the legislation correctly.  But…”

Jordan:  “…but people have a responsibility to act ethically regardless of whether there is a legal loophole.”

JC:  “For example, would Mr. A-hole Disney CEO want his neighbor to treat him as he treated the Disney employees?  Unless, of course, he is just too stupid to understand.”

Jordan:  “Let’s not be too hard on Disney.”

JC:  “Why not?”

Jordan:  “I understand they offered the people who were terminationed another job elsewhere in Disney.”

JC:  “Well, pal, you got it wrong.  Disney offered them an opportunity to get another job in the company.  There was no guarantee of anything.  You nad I have that same opportunity.”

Jordan:  “Didn’t Diusney hire other people elsewhere in the company.  I understand there was a net gain in employment.”

JC:  “So what?  Disney would have hired those people anyway.  You sound like some Disney public relations talking head.”

Mickey-Mouse-fingerJordan:  “Calm down.”

JC:  “Look.  Bad behavior is bad behavior.  And Disney is guilty of very bad behavior.  Once again here’s a one-fingered salute to you Disney.”