First-time readers, this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020).  Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution.  More about Revenge Revolution and author, Entry #1.  List and general description of entries to date.  Annual assessment whether Revolution plausible.

Note: most characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations.  Profile of characters.  You’ll catch on quickly.  Thanks for your time and interest…and comments.

Scene: Jordan’s office in Washington, DC.  Conversation for this series starts Entry #219.

Matt:  “I agree the conversation about the black community should be frank with no sugar-coating.  But 092615_2031_Characters11.pngwhere should the conversation start?  I mean, lots of issues.”

Jordan:  “Why not start at the end and work backwards?  What should the black community look like?  An even better start would be to describe the characteristics of people the black community can look up to.”

Matt:  “You mean describe characteristics of some role models?”

Jordan:  “Role models as long they are not sports figures…no Michael Jordan’s, for example.  Nothing against the Michael Jordan’s of the world but the black community cannot solve its problems through the NBA and NFL.”

Matt:  “Then what kind of role models?”

questionJordan:  “My recommendation would be individuals most people haven’t heard of but who exemplify what I think the black community would like to become.”

Matt:  “Who’s on your list?”

Jordan:  “Three people.  #1 is someone I know reasonably well; #2 is someone I’ve met a few times in business; #3, never met but awestruck with his accomplishments.”

Matt:  “Let me guess, Rock Man is #1 on the list. 

Jordan:  “Good guess.”

Matt:  “I remember meeting Rock Man and was very impressed…but I don’t know the whole story.”    

TurtleneckJordan:  “Rock Man comes from a family of 6-8 children…I don’t remember the exact number but a lot.  Eastern North Carolina.  Parents are tenant cotton farmers with maybe an 8th-grade education.”

Matt:  “But Rock Man is a college grad, right?”

Jordan:  “As are all 6-8 children.  Everyone graduated from college and a few have graduate degrees.”

Matt:  “I admit that’s very impressive for the family, but what else about Rock Man?”

092615_2031_Characters5.pngJordan:  “After graduation he starts a climbing gym in Charlotte.  Apparently he’s got the only black-owned climbing gym in the country…at least east of the Mississippi.”

Matt:  “Mostly black clientele?”

Jordan:  “Mostly white.”

Matt:  “Well, how’d you meet Rock Man?”

Jordan:  “Through a business colleague.  I then started helping Rock Man with managing his business.”

Matt:  “Still interesting but nothing too special about this.”

woman-clipart-zyikqxpcEJordan:  “Within a few months, Rock Man meets a young lady who seems to be the perfect match – outgoing, high energy and smart.”

Matt:  “They get married?”

Jordan:  “He was balking until I beat him over the head.  I kept telling him she was perfect for him.”

Matt:  “So, they get married…then what?”

Jordan:  “Short version. She gets a job at the local branch of an international arrow-upinsurance company.  Performs well and gets on a fast track.  In less than 15 years, she goes from glorified clerk in a branch to head of one of the company’s major international operations.”

Matt:  “Wow, that’s impressive.  Any kids?”

Jordan:  “Two.  Girl and boy.  The girl is old enough to have college on her mind.  She’s torn between Harvard and Yale.  I keep pushing MIT but to no avail.  The son is not yet on a hunt for college.”

Matt:  “So what did Rock Man do while the wife is playing Ms. Corporate black-man-cookingExecutive?”

Jordan:  “Rock Man becomes Mr. Mom.”

Matt:  “Mmm, isn’t being Mr. Mom a bit unusual in the black community?”

Jordan:  “I think it is unusual…likely highly unusual.  Aside from migrating from poor cotton farmers…now I’ll use Rock Man’s terms…who were too poor to have a pot to piss in…to college graduate, what really impresses me about Rock Man is the willingness to change roles.  Being Mr. Mom and supporting the kids seems so out of character for most black men that I thought he’d be an ideal role model.”

Matt:  “Agreed.  Who’s #2 on the list?”

Jordan:  “Ever use one of those super squirt guns?”

super-soakerMatt:  “They’re a blast.  We used to have water fights with those.  Why?”

Jordan:  “Know who invented the super squirt gun?”

Matt:  “I confess.  I have no idea.”

Jordan:  “His name is Lonnie Johnson.  Worked at NASA before the squirt gun became wildly popular.  As I understand, he used the proceeds from the squirt gun to start a technology company.”

Matt:  “What was the business?”

lithium-air-battery1-520x448-4ea97b0-introJordan:  “Advanced batteries.  For the record, lithium air batteries.  Trust me, a tough task.”

Matt:  “Again, interesting story but why is this guy a role model for the black community…and I assume this guy’s black?”

Jordan:  “Yes.  In addition to starting a high-tech battery company, which is impressive by itself, he locates the company in a very rough part of Atlanta.  Then he tries to hire as many neighborhood people as possible.  He also recruits as many black engineers as possible.  15-20 years black-hand-clapping-mdfrom now, I might question his bias toward black engineers.  But today he should be applauded for making an effort to employ as many blacks as possible in his high-tech company.”

Matt:  “Who’s the 3rd guy?”  (Continued)