Readers: this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020). Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution. More about the Revenge Revolution and author, Entry #1. List and general description of entries to date.

Note: most entries are formatted as conversations. Characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations. Profile of characters (see link at top of page). You’ll catch on quickly. Thanks for your time and interest…and comments.

Scene: Jordan’s office, Washington, DC. Conversation began Entry #289.

092615_2031_Characters2.jpgGreenie:  “I agree the president and cabinet need to pass the same end-of-year test given to 8th graders.  Let me add another, ‘Duh, are you serious?’ idea.”

JC:  “Ice cream is mandatory at cabinet meetings?”

Greenie:  “Only if the ice cream is from the Custard Cup.”

Jordan:  “That I could go for.  Two scoops of lemon custard topped off with a scoop of cold fudge and some peanuts.  Seriously, what’s the idea?”

Greenie:  “Since lots of people, especially hard-right Republicans, want to link religion and government more closely, why not use a key part of Leviticus as another component that could help make America great again?”

092615_2031_Characters1.jpgJC:  “You mean the idea of treating your neighbor the same way you want to be treated?”

Greenie:  “Yes.  Many moons ago in undergrad days, I took a course titled something like comparative religion.   What we learned was a core principle of almost every religion is to treat others as you want to be treated.”

Jordan:  “I agree but the idea seems so basic.”

JC:  “So basic and so ignored.  Think back to the Trump Administration policy of separating children of parents who were seeking asylum at the southern border.”

SessionsGreenie:  “I don’t know if Sessions had kids or grandkids but do you think he’d want his kids or grandkids separated from their parents?”

JC:  “As cold-hearted and seemingly cruel as Trump acted, do you think he would want his kids separated?”

Jordan:  “Trump aside, because I’m not sure he had empathy for anyone but himself, the policy of separating kids…and many other policies…likely would never have happened if Greenie’s idea of having some form of ‘treat thy neighbor as thyself’ as a check mark for assessing proposed policies and legislation.”

Greenie:  “Obviously, I like the idea but how would you implement the check-mark policy?”

WhyJC:  “Maybe there would a cabinet officer or some high-ranking staffer whose job it is to go around and ask ‘Would you want this whatever-idea-is-being-discussed to happen to your family?’  The person could be titled the ‘sanity-check maven.’”

Jordan:  “This idea of treating each other fairly seems so much like kindergarten.”

Greenie:  “Well, it is like kindergarten.  I know we’ve talked about these kinds of basic ideas before but some people seem to go brain-dead when they start working inside the Beltway.”

fife-drum%201JC:  “Let’s hope going brain-dead is past tense.  We have a new opportunity to begin rebuilding American values post Revenge Revolution.  Even if it is kindergarten like, using ‘treat thy neighbor’ as a check mark for policies and legislation seems like a good way to keep things from getting too out of control again.”

Greenie:  “Jordan, you’ve had a lot of experience with Congress and the White House, do you think we can make this idea work?”

Jordan:  “Why not?  It’s simple, easy to understand and can work for everyone – whether someone is super religious or an atheist.  Really, who wants to be treated like crap?  Selling the idea to the public will likely be the key.”

Trump KingGreenie:  “You mean like when public pressure force king Trump to stop separating children from families at the border?”

Jordan:  “Great example.  We need to work on how to phrase and position the idea but I think we have a winner.”

JC:  “I agree the idea seems simple and should get widespread support.  Just so we make sure we’re not off in the weeds, may we take a break, please, and think about the idea for a few minutes?”