Readers: this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020). Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution. More about the Revenge Revolution and author, Entry #1.  Most entries are formatted as conversations. Characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations.

Occasionally I break from the normal formatting and do a “sense check.”  Auditing one’s own work is problematic but I try to be objective.  Entries #300 and #301 are the most recent “sense checks.”  Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks for your time and interest…and comments, please.

Scene: Jordan’s office, Washington, DC.  Jordan having coffee with Walt, a friend from college days.  They just returned from getting a coffee refill.  Conversation begins entry #302.

Baldheaded ManWalt:  “I’ll tell you another event that penetrated the brainwashing cap.  In fact, I still shake my head when thinking about it.”

Jordan:  “Which was?”

Walt:  “Remember when Rudy Giuliani, then Trump’s attack dog, stated on ‘Meet the Press’ that ‘truth isn’t truth’?”

Jordan:  “Remember it well.  I did not see the live broadcast…think I was doing something important like playing golf…but saw the video several times.”

Walt:  “Did you see the look on the host’s face?  What’s the guy’s name?”

Jordan:  “Chuck Todd.”

ConfusedWalt:  “That’s it.  Todd looked more dumbfounded than a deer in headlights.  Then he tried to let Giuliani correct his mistake.  But Giuliani in true Trump fashion, refused to admit an error and proceeded to straight-jacket himself.”

Jordan:  “You know Giuliani was right…if you add just one word.”

Walt:  “Not sure what you mean.”

Jordan:  “Giuliani’s right if you state it as, ‘Trump’s truth isn’t truth.’”

Alarm BellWalt:  “Hadn’t thought of it exactly like you phrased it but Giuliani’s comment was so stupid an alarm bell went off in my head.”

Jordan:  “So you had two Trump-related brain-penetrating epiphanies in a couple of weeks.”

Walt:  “Like I said before we went to get more coffee, after Trump’s order to revoke security clearances for high-level people who could protect the country, I began asking myself, ’Self, what have I been thinking?’  Then other Trump actions started to migrate from logical to questionable.”

Jordan:  “You think Giuliani’s ‘truth isn’t truth’ could have accelerated the questioning?”

Alternative FactsWalt:  “Probably.  But I’m still embarrassed to talk about my brainwashed state.  I mean, when I was brainwashed, Kellyanne Conway’s claim about ‘alternative facts’ never caused me to pause.”

Jordan:  “Not to press too much but didn’t you think Conway’s statements were pure BS?”

Walt:  “No.  I even repeated her stuff in discussions about Trump.  One time while having coffee with a friend of mine the conversation turned to Trump.  He made an assertion and I responded that you have your facts and I have mine.”

Jordan:  “How’d he respond?”

Walt:  “After I repeated the claim about alternative facts, he said I was brainwashed, then left the restaurant.”

Jordan:  “Ever get back together for coffee?”

Walt:  “The next time he asked me to provide a data source supporting some Conway-like claim I’d made.”

Jordan:  “And…?”

PinocchioWalt:  “I asked him if he was calling me a liar.  He asked again for the source of information.  I repeated my claim he was calling me a liar…then I left.”

Jordan:  “Seen him again?”

Walt:  “No.  Maybe I should call him.  He was right all along.  But see, that’s another example of being so embarrassed about past behavior.  I mean, what do I say?”

Jordan:  “Why not call him for coffee and let the conversation take its course.”

Walt:  “Good idea.”

Jordan:  “Were there any other what you might call epiphanic events that caused you to think you might have been brainwashed?”

Walt:  “The incident might not qualify as an epiphany but one that I still find humorous.”

Jordan:  “There was humor in the Trump fiasco?”

Walt:  “Well, guys probably think it’s funny.  Not sure about women.  Most guys never progress beyond sophomoric humor.”

Jordan:  “I’m game.  What was the event?”

Walt:  “Remember when Trump’s so-called confidants started to flip?”

Jordan:  “Started with Michael Cohen.  What’s so funny about Cohen flipping?”

Nat'l EnquirerWalt:  “Nothing.  What still makes me smile was when the owner of the National Enquirer was granted immunity.”

Jordan:  “You mean…?”

Walt:  “Yep.  Who ever thought a Pecker could be granted immunity?  Had we known a pecker could be immune from prosecution our college life could have been a lot more fun!”

Jordan:  “That is pretty funny…and so sophomoric.  Seriously, anything else stand out?”

WhyWalt:  “Once the brainwashing cap got penetrated, I started to look at the flood of Trump’s tweets a lot more critically.  What I noticed was that virtually every tweet laid the blame for a problem on someone else or on some Federal agency.  Trump seemed to forget he was in charge.”

Jordan:  “So, now you’re beginning to view Trump a bit more objectively.  What happened to your political position?  Did you start to shift left?  If so, how far?”

Walt:  “I shifted to probably right center.  Still basic conservative values but with a social conscience.”

Jordan:  “Reminds me of how Bush43 tried to position himself – compassionate conservative.  Then he got steamrolled by the neocons and lost focus.”

Walt:  “Guess my ‘right center’ is more like pre-Reagan Republicans.  That was before the party got pushed way right and eventually just refused to work across the aisle.  I know the Democrats seemed to shift to but at one time the Republicans and Democrats actually worked together to get things done.”

TurtleneckJordan:  “OK, now we’re in a new era.  Trump is gone and the country has gone through the Revenge Revolution.  And you’re more open to crossing party lines.  What about other former Trumpsters?”

Walt:  “Some will never get it.  Remember after Nixon resigned, there was what, 20-25% of the populace still supported him?  So those people will stay in their Trump cave.  But the rest of us need to start working together to avoid becoming a banana republic.  People don’t think the US can slip that far but it can.”

Jordan:  “I’m delighted you want to make the government work again.  Now, what’s next?”