Welcome to a discussion about the upcoming 5th Revolution in the US, which I’ve titled the “Revenge Revolution.” For more about the Revenge Revolution and the author, Entry #1 Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US.  Entry #400 was the most recent “sense check.” 

ENTRY #427:Senator Manchin has been in the news a lot the past couple of weeks. Late the week of 10/11/2021 he publicly stated he would not support taxpayer funding for the development of zero-carbon electricity generation. OK, Joe, what about billions and billions of taxpayer subsidies for coal extraction and oil-and-gas drilling? Tell me what’s the difference?

Not all readers believe that if CO2 emissions continue unchecked, the earth could begin to begin to become uninhabitable by 2100. There’s lots of science and data to support such a statement but some don’t believe in science.

Clean electricity had been a key element in president Biden’s Build Back Better program and a major step toward the US dramatically slowing the growth of CO2 emissions. The Biden administration’s plan would have given the US a good chance of doing its part to limit global warming to 2oC by 2100. Given the unfathomable level of denial of science by Republicans, Joe Manchin might be able to take credit for singularly causing the world to speed up the path to catastrophe.

For you climate-change deniers, remember how Trump claimed COVID-19 was under control? “We’re very, very ready for this,” Trump said, adding that only 15 people had contracted the virus in the U.S. and that all were expected to recover. A mere 700,000 deaths later and COVID-19 is still not under control. Deniers – who ya gonna blame?

Given the severity of the potential consequences of doing nothing to address climate change, I thought an open letter to Senator Manchin might be appropriate. Yes, the letter is sarcastic and a bit edgy but I think Senator Manchin deserves this type letter.

The salutation evolved from a comment made during a recent call about climate change. One person on the call accidentially referred to Senator Manchin as “Manson.” That led to a few chuckles. However morbid the circumstances that made Charles Manson famous, Senator Manchin’s decision to refuse to recognize the need to address global warming will have far worse consequences.

Dear Senator Charles Manson:

Thank you for taking a strong stand against generating clean electricity, thereby intensifying the effects of global warming. All the children in the neighborhood and in the family appreciate your efforts to make the earth uninhabitable and shorten their lives.

The children asked if you could share some of the payoff money you received from the fossil-fuel industry. They want to buy some candy before it’s too late.

We also appreciate your efforts to make the US look like a third-world country that has a non-functioning government. President Biden especially appreciates your efforts to diminish his credibility with other countries at the upcoming conference to address global warming.

Rarely in US history has a single senator had such a widespread negative impact on mankind. You should be proud of your accomplishments. (End of letter)

Where the negotiations in Congress go to try and save the provision to fund generation of clean electricity, I don’t know, although I do understand some progress has been made. When thinking about how to solve the problem with the holdout Senators, I was reminded of a scene from the movie, “Patton.” In the scene Patton’s troops are marching through Sicily toward Palermo. The terrain is hilly, the road narrow and the troops are strung out for probably a mile.

The journey is high risk because enemy aircraft can easily strafe the column and there is little protection along the road. Then the column stops. Patton drives to the front and finds a cart with two donkeys blocking a critical bridge. The farmer tries to get the donkeys to move but no luck. The solution was a bit inelegant but effective.

Patton shoots the donkeys, dumps them off the bridge and the march proceeds. When trying to persuade Senators Manchin and Sinema, president Biden might do well to take a lesson from General Patton. Too much is at stake for the US and the world to let a couple of people get in the way.

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