Welcome to a discussion about the upcoming 5th Revolution in the US, which I’ve titled the “Revenge Revolution.” For more about the Revenge Revolution and the author, Entry #1 Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US.  Entry #400 was the most recent “sense check.” 

ENTRY #428 STARTS: I’m disgusted. Well, OK, maybe I’ve turned into a curmudgeon, and may be a naïve curmudgeon at that.  But, I look at the behavior of a number of members of Congress and want to scream. What’s wrong with these folks?

What’s wrong has nothing to do with whether I agree or disagree with what used to be policy differences between the political parties.  What’s wrong has to do with why aren’t these Representatives and Senators focusing on governing and on upholding the Constitution?

Yes, Mitch McConnell may qualify as one of the biggest scumbags ever elected to Congress. Yes, he’s crazed with power, gives the finger to the Constitution and is horribly corrupt. He’s also very likely to be in the pocket of the Chinese government. 

I’ll save the detail for another entry but ask yourself some very basic questions about McConnell’s behavior.  What does McConnell have to gain by holding up all but two of President Biden’s nominations for ambassadorships?  Ambassadors are not involved in domestic policy.  Who or what country would benefit if the US did not have ambassadors in many countries of the world?  What country might benefit from gaining influence at America’s expense?  What is the country of origin of McConnell’s wife?  Give that some thought.  More in future entries.

Back to Congress, what’s disgusting is why no Republican, save Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the guy from Michigan, will stand up for the Constitution.  Many Republicans members of the House, starting with Kevin McCarthy, are making every effort to thwart an objective investigation of the January 6 Trump–instigated insurrection. Gee guys, did you have a hand in planning the insurrection and that’s why you’re opposed to any investigation? 

If you were involved, then you can rightfully be charged with treason.  And being convicted of treason will land you in prison at a minimum.  In addition, since you were planning to take out VP Pence, maybe you should be tried for attempted murder.

Republicans do not have a lock hold on maddening behavior.  On second thought, maybe they do. Let’s start with Joe Manchin III, senator from West Virginia.  Manchin claims to be a moderate Democrat. But like his coal-at-any-cost buddy from Kentucky, McConnell, Manchin goes out of his way to keep the coal industry afloat.

From Manchin’s perspective, any effort to accelerate cleaner generation of electricity should be blocked. In Joe’s world, having the air filled with CO2 must better for you than having air with just plain old O2.  Joe must think that the carbon is some sort of vitamin and that’s why CO2 is better.  If trees like CO2, humans should, too.

From all indications, including little Joey’s own words, he’s more a Republican than a Democrat. I don’t care what party you belong to Joe, but why do you constantly block legislation that will benefit your constituents? Why do you block legislation that will help avert climate change disasters for your grandchildren?  Joe’s such an honorable guy. Just glad he’s not my grandfather.

Senator Sinema (AZ), the other alleged Democrat holding up Biden’s legislation, acts more like some character in a B-movie.  She must think cinema is spelled Sinema.  Apparently she used to claim to be an environmentalist.  I guess her idea of being green went from helping the environment to taking greenbacks from lobbyists and special interest groups. Where her head is, no one knows. But we know what she’s doing is not helping constituents and not helping the US address climate change.

What happened to “Duty, honor, country?“  Policy debates are fine. Blocking votes on legitimate legislation that addresses a basic tenet on which the US was founded – the right to vote, for example – is antithetical.  The right to vote and the proper counting of those votes is a key to a functioning democracy.  Why are Republicans blocking even a debate on the legislation?

Republicans have been so Trump-like transactional that they have become unable to see the implications of their behavior.  One day Republicans will wake up and ask, “Why didn’t anyone warn us that climate change would ruin my vacation home on the coast?”  Or, “Why didn’t anyone warn us that those ultra-rightwing folks would threaten to take us out if we didn’t vote exactly as they wanted?”  And, many other seemingly obvious incredibly risky behaviors the Republicans are engaged in. 

Republicans loyalty to party over doing what’s right for constituents and doing what’s right for the country has me convinced more than ever that the US is headed for a 5th revolution. And, what’s going to surprise the Republicans in Congress and state legislators, the January 6-insurrectionsists might begin attacking Republicans first.

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