Welcome to a discussion about the upcoming 5th Revolution in the US, which I’ve titled the “Revenge Revolution.” For more about the Revenge Revolution and the author, Entry #1 Periodically I write a “sense check” to assess whether a revolution in the US is possible or whether the entire exercise is based on a statistical aberration — i.e., a roughly 50-year cycle between major upheavals in the US.  Entry #400 was the most recent “sense check.” 

ENTRY #429: The past couple of entries I’ve tried to move beyond the irrationality of certain members of Congress and irrationality of certain voters. Why bang your head against the wall trying to understand their logic?

Well, I’ve been unable to move on so one more entry addressing irrationality. This time, however, it’s not just members of Congress. We pretty much know where they stand, other than Senator Krysten Sinema (D, AZ).

What has baffled me the past week or so has been the “rationale” of voters in the Virginia gubernatorial election.  According to a number of interviews published in different media, voters in Virginia were frustrated with the Biden administration because not all promised legislation has been passed, gas prices have increased and there are some supply chain hiccups that might affect Christmas shopping. 

OK, so you’re frustrated. What’s the solution? Elect a Republican governor who is a former investment banker and who is supported by Trump. Forget that the underlying causes of most of your frustrations were not the fault of the Biden administration but occurred under Trump and even under some earlier administrations. 

For example, the shortage of truckers can be traced to efforts beginning during the Nixon administration to deregulate the trucking industry.  The shortage of long-haul truckers can be linked, in part, to consumers ordering more on line rather than buying at the store.  If you’re a long-haul trucker, why go on the road sometimes for weeks at a time when you can work regular hours delivering packages locally, make probably the same amount of money and be home at night? And, you’re surprised there’s a shortage of long-haul truckers?

And, Virginia voters, what about your frustration with you just electedthose products being produced overseas rather than the US?  Forget that many investment bankers, like the incoming governor, have encouraged companies to relocate manufacturing overseas, which exacerbated the supply-chain problem.

Just for reference, the voters frustrated with Biden need to ask themselves exactly what did the Republicans and Trump do for you and most voters during the four years in office? Well, the Trump administration’s biggest piece of legislation, the tax cut, transferred substantially more wealth to the already wealthy and reduced the amount of income tax corporations pay.   The net result of Trump’s major legislation?  Reduced revenue to the Federal government so the federal deficit ballooned.  And the other result was the tax cut transferred the responsibility for paying that debt to you, the other 98% of the population.  Good deal, huh?

Then Trump implemented trade policies that helped create the foundation for inflation. Remember those tariffs that Trump promoted?  Trump made sure that tariffs were put on many products, including those from our neighbors with whom we trade the most – Canada and Mexico.  Virginia voters who do think pays those tariffs?  The tariffs are not paid by the exporting country.  The tariffs are paid by the importers and then passed on to you, the consumer.  I guess the Trump administration never mentioned that.

The icing on that piece of “illogical cake” the Virginia voters ate was Trump publicly and emphatically proclaiming that Covid was not a problem.  Hey, only 15 people got sick and it’s just like the flu.  The “ala mode” for the cake was Trump and his minions claiming that climate change was a hoax.

You say, “Aside from all you just said, Biden has been in office long enough to solve all those problems.  He’s been in the White House almost 10 months.”

Let’s put 10 months in perspective.  When those criticizing Biden as taking too long are asked about fixing problems in other organizations, say rebuilding a college football team, the time horizon is quite different.  According to the Biden criticizers, to turn the fortunes of a football team is incredibly complicated and the head coach needs a minimum two years and usually 3-4 years.  Fans need to be patient.”  Mmm, I guess a football team is more difficult to manage than the Federal government. 

Another example of Republican back-asswards thinking occurred during the recent vote on the legislation to upgrade and repair significant portions of the US infrastructure.  Every state and likely every Congressional district will benefit from this legislation.  The legislation will make the US more competitive and address many of the frustrations expressed by Virginia voters.

The legislation passed the Senate a couple of months ago with strong bipartisan support.  Even Mitch McConnell voted for it.

So what was the reaction of House Republicans to the infrastructure legislation?  Don’t vote to help constituents!  Don’t vote to help make America more competitive internationally!  Don’t vote to create jobs! The legislation passed with 13 Republicans voting in favor and all but a handful of Democrats, who opposed the legislation to show support for the Build Back Better legislation.  

What was the response from Republican leadership in the House? Threatening to yank any committee assignments from Republicans who supported their constituents. Some Republicans who voted for the legislation were labeled as traitors.

Traitors to whom?  All elected representatives whether Republican, Democrat or independent take an oath to uphold the US Constitution.  Republicans please explain to me why voting for legislation that directly benefits the people you represent is being a traitor.   The logic displayed by Virginians voting for a Trump-supported Republican and the Republican leadership in the House punishing members for helping their constituents confirms the saying, “stupid is as stupid does.” 

Next entry I’ll try to move on to a different topic.  

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