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Following entry #250, several readers sent messages asking me to continue the series on “Who Took Out the Donald?”   Given the startling revelations last week…and seemingly every week… about bizarre behavior by Trump and/or key members of the Administration, I agreed.  Series about “Who Took Out the Donald?’ begins Entry #244.

Scene: Jordan’s office in Washington a few days after the dinner meeting with Gelly, JC and Greenie.

Gelly:  “Excuse me, Jordan.  Matt…you know Matt the reporter…is on line 2 and would like to talk to you.”

Jordan:  “Sure but did he say what the topic was?”

092615_2031_Characters7.gifGelly:  “No, and he never does.  But, hey, he’s a reporter.”

Jordan (Picking up the phone): “Hello, Matt.  Long time.  All OK at your end, I hope.”

Matt:  “Everything’s fine, Jordan.  Thanks for asking.”

Jordan:  “I assume this is not a social call.  So, what’s up?”

Matt:  “I’ve been working on a book about the Trump Administration and I need some help.”

Jordan:  “From me?”

Matt:  “Probably but I’d really like to talk to your buddy Greenie.  She wrote a series of articles about the Administration and I’ve always liked her insight.”

Jordan:  “You want to meet her here, or privately?”

Matt:  “Your place would be great.  Sorry to be so pushy, but any chance we could meet today?”

Jordan:  “You want lunch, too, right?  Don’t answer.  I think she’s in town.  Let’s assume 2:00pm today here unless we get back with you.  OK?”

Matt:  “Great.  Thanks.”

(Time: just before 2:00pm.)

Jordan:  “Well, well, the dynamic duo has arrived.”

JC:  “You should be honored we’re here.  I’d convinced Greenie to catch an early movie…until you called.”

092615_2031_Characters2.jpgGreenie:  “Jordan, meeting with Matt will be more fun than a movie.  Exactly what does he want to talk about?”

Jordan:  “Ask him.  He just walked in the door.”

Matt:  “Hello, Greenie, nice to see you again.”

Greenie:  “Nice to see you Matt.  JC is visiting and we were off to a movie…”

092615_2031_Characters1.jpgJC:  “…until she convinced me meeting with you would be more fun.  Nice to see you Matt.”

Matt:  “Nice to see you, JC.  Thanks everyone for taking time, especially on such short notice.  I’m working on a book about the Trump Administration and would like to get your perspectives on a couple of issues.”

Jordan:  “Can you frame the gist of the book a little bit more…and maybe the sequencing as well?”

092615_2031_Characters11.pngMatt:  “The book attempts to address and link, if a link exists, various events leading up to when Trump was taken out.”

Greenie:  “Funny you mention the Donald being taken out.  Not really funny but all of us had a long conversation over dinner the other night about that very topic.”

Matt:  “Good.  Let’s hold the results of that conversation until we address other topics.  Topics such as, at least according to the Washington Post article, Jared Kushner contacting the Russian ambassador about setting up a secret communications channel to the Kremlin.”

Tin Can PhoneJC:  “And, duh, Kushner wanted to use the communications equipment in the Russian embassy.  According to the article, even the Russian ambassador was taken aback by the idea.”

Greenie:  “Even if the article was incorrect, which no one has ever proved, there’s a bigger problem.  This might surprise you but my view is Kushner was more of an egomaniac than Trump.  Hard to fathom, I know, but I really believe that.”

Matt:  “Interesting perspective.  Why do you think so?”

jailGreenie:  “Look, the guy’s in his mid-30’s, which is ego time for many people.  But he’s also from a family with two question marks.  Maybe I should just call them marks.  His father did time in prison for fraud.  And, he’s Orthodox, although I must say his behavior sometimes made me question his commitment.”

JC:  “I agree with the part about his father, but do you think being Orthodox was an issue?”

howdy-doody-2Greenie:  “OK, skip the Orthodox issue.  Here’s a 30-something in the White House with no previous political experience…and he’s effectively running the country.  Kushner pulls a string and the puppet Trump reacts, just like Howdy Doody.  Just thinking of it is depressing.”

JC:  “I know I wasn’t expected to be part of this conversation but I agree with Greenie.  It would be hard for anyone Kushner’s age and in Kushner’s position not to end up with a huge ego…even you, Jordan.”

Matt:  “The Kushner problem started before Trump was inaugurated.  The contact with the Russian about the back-channel network was during the transition.”

Greenie:  “Part of the problem for Trump, Kushner and some other key staffers was no Washington experience.  These guys had no idea how government really worked.”

goofy006JC:  “You mean running the running the government turned out to be more complicated than doing a real estate deal?  Who knew?  Seriously, what really baffles me is how could they have thought communications with the Russians were not being monitored?”

Matt:  “I’ve scratched me head ever since the FBI released info about General Flynn talking to the Russians.  I know he was retired at the time, but still.”

3-StarsJC:  “How could a, what 3-star general in the Marines, with some national security experience no less, not know about calls to the Russians being monitored?”

Jordan:  “Flynn knew it and ignored it.  My source, a military officer senior to Flynn and familiar with Flynn, said in a casual phone conversation shortly after the inauguration that Flynn should never have been appointed and would not last.”

Matt:  “He was right but what was the reason?”

Jordan:  “Flynn’s gigantic ego and history of uncontrolled behavior.”

Matt:  “Had anyone in the incoming administration contacted your colleague?”

Jordan:  “Not to my knowledge.  And don’t ask who my colleague is.  He’ll deny the conversation and won’t talk anyway.”

JC:  “So what I’m hearing is there were a bunch of incompetent egomaniacs with a big set of kahunas running the transition team and then the White House.”

Greenie:  “Not phrased elegantly but the conclusion seems spot on.  However, there’s one piece that seems inconsistent with that conclusion.”

Matt:  “And that is?”

PoliticianGreenie:  “Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions were experienced politicians.  Sessions had been in the Senate for 20 years and had been US attorney earlier in his career.”

Matt:  “I’m having the same problem.  Why did two highly experienced politicians let all this bizarre behavior happen?”

Greenie:  “People do strange things when money or power is on the table…and especially money and power.”

JC:  “Strange things like throwing away all principles?”

Greenie:  “Exactly.  We are almost certain Trump and Kushner were paid by the Russians.  Maybe not directly but the businesses were paid.  The Donald, Jr. admitted the Russians were the source of funds for many of the Trump golf courses.”

TurtleneckJordan:  “Back to Pence and Sessions.  Where did their money go?”

Matt:  “Maybe they didn’t get any money.”

Greenie:  “I don’t believe it.”