First-time readers, the dialogue in this blog is set in the future (sometime after the year 2020).  Each entry assumes there has been a 5th revolution in the US — the Revenge Revolution.  More about Revenge Revolution and author, Entry #1.  List and general description of entries to date.  Annual assessment if Revolution plausible.

Note: most characters appear in a number of entries, with many entries building on previous conversations.  Profile of characters.  You’ll catch on quickly.  Thanks for your time and interest…and comments.

Scene: Jordan’s office, Washington, DC.

092615_2031_Characters7.gifGelly:  “Jordan, the dynamic duo is here to see you – JC and Greenie.”

Jordan:  “Well, well, well.  What a surprise.  What brings you two?  Pleasantries, I hope.”

JC:  “Not really.”

Greenie:  “Pardon the manners of my buddy.  Jordan, nice to see you.  Do you have a few minutes for us, please?”

Jordan:  “Of course.  Something happen?  You guys look a bit troubled.”

092615_2031_Characters2.jpgGreenie:  “I’m visiting JC for a few days.  She offered to edit some of my articles on the cause of the Revenge Revolution.”

JC:  “So last night we finish the edits, then pour a couple glasses of wine and watch a movie.”

Greenie:  “But not just any movie.  A classic…’Caine Mutiny.’”

Jordan:  “Great movie.  But so…?”

092615_2031_Characters1.jpgJC:  “So…Jordan, does Captain Queeg’s behavior in Caine Mutiny remind you of anybody who used to be in Washington…you know, like…”

Jordan:  “…like the Donald?  Pardon me, president Trump.”

Greenie:  “That’s what we thought too.  Just that association brought back memories of the early days of the Trump Administration.  Watching the characters in the White House was like watching Looney Tunes.”

Looney TunesJC:  “I’d forgotten how wacko those guys in the White House really were…starting with the Donald.”

Greenie:  “Rather than looking for missing strawberries, old president Queeg was looking for 3 million, no 5 million missing votes.”

JC:  “When Queeg couldn’t find the missing votes, he claimed some other bizarre event…like his phone at Queeg Tower being tapped by president Obama.”

trump-scowlGreenie:  “When there was no evidence of a wiretap, he claimed the former Attorney General broke the law by doing her job and should be put in jail.”

JC:  “All the time, of course Trump was denying there was any contact between his campaign and the Russians, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

Confused Clip ArtGreenie:  “Finally, Queeg appoints his wet-behind-the-ears son-in-law as executive officer in charge of the ship…and also appoints the pretty-face, but ‘not-the-brightest bulb’ daughter, as key advisor.”

Jordan:  “I’d forgotten how depressing and dangerous that situation was.  Queeg, the White House staff really…even many of the cabinet members had no clue.  I remember thinking these guys must have been charter members of the Incompetents Club and got together at some of the club’s meetings.”

dunce capsGreenie:  “Queeg….I mean Trump was really dangerous.  What I think was even worse – a lot of supposedly responsible people, including Republican leadership in the House and Senate….didn’t want to admit how much Queeg and staff really were out of control.”

JC:  “So now you see why we’re upset?”

Jordan:  “Yes, but that was some years ago.”

JC:  “Jordan, didn’t you see what was really happening with Trump?”

Jordan:  “I saw it.  It was just hard to believe and even harder to swallow.”

Greenie:  “And probably easier to pretend it wasn’t really happening.”

JC:  “Greenie, in fairness to Jordan, I’d like to tell you about a conversation he and I had during the early days of Queeg’s Administration.  At the time I promised not to repeat it.  Jordan, is it OK if I tell her?”

Jordan:  “No harm now since its history.”

Greenie:  “What are you guys talking about?”

JC begins to repeat a conversation she had with Jordan in spring 2017

Jordan:  “JC, what do you suggest we do about the Trump Administration?  It seems out of control…and incredibly dangerous.”

JC:  “You’re asking me?  I thought you were one of the muckety mucks inside the Beltway.  You tell me what we should do.”

TurtleneckJordan:  “Well, I really hate to say this…I mean I’d better think about it.”

JC:  “Quit stammering.  What are you trying to say?  Spit it out.”

Jordan:  “The only way this chaos in the White House is going to get resolved is by…by taking him out of office.”

JC:  “You mean ‘taking him out’ the way I think you mean ‘taking him out’?”

Jordan:  “Unfortunately, yes.”

JC:  “Who’s going to do it?”

Jordan:  “My view there are three likely players…hit people if you will.”

PutinJC:  “Let me guess.  One is the Russians, which seems like an obvious choice.  From what I can tell, they have him by the short hairs.”

Jordan:  “Such a diplomat.”

JC:  “Well, it’s true.  How much money does he really owe them?  And what else do they have on him?  Plus, Putin does not play nice.  Another candidate is the North Koreans.  Kim what’s his name seems as bad a Putin…maybe worse.  How many family members has he killed?”

Jordan:  “OK, who’s number 3?”

JC:  “Mexican drug dudes.  These guys are ruthless and have no compulsion about taking out family members, which unfortunately puts Melania and Baron at risk as well.”

Jordan:  “The Mexicans were not on my list.  You’re right, they should be.”

JC:  “Then who’s your number 3…now number 4?”

Jordan:  “That’s what bothers me the most.”

CIAJC:  “You thinking an inside job…like someone from one of the intelligence agencies or the special ops guys in the military?  Yikes, the thought of that makes me squirm.”

Jordan:  “It should make you squirm.  But these guys see the Donald in situations we don’t.  If you listen carefully to some of the guys in the know about these agencies, they think he’s out of control.  Their job is to protect the country and the Constitution, not some individual, even the president.”

Back to the current conversation

Greenie:  “That must have been a sobering conversation.”

122913_1337_14BringingU2.pngJC:  “It was.  But now all that’s over.  To end on a more positive note, the country survived after president Queeg.  Lots of turmoil and the Revenge Revolution but we survived.”

Jordan:  “Yes, we did survive.  Now, you know what guys?  I think we could all use a glass of wine, including Gelly…and I’ll buy.”